Yesterday I saw Bedbug Apocalypse on Animal Planet. Among other things, they said 25% of US hotels have bedbug infestation. They recommended you get a small bright flashlight to check not only hotel rooms, but also seats in taxis, airplanes, subways, etc. before you sit down. I happen to have a phobia of bloodsucking parasites. *shudder*

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Update on progress against bedbugs. Researchers are

... targeting specific enzymes inside bed bugs associated with the P450 detoxification system that destroy the insecticides before they reach their molecular target.

No hints as to when this will actually be available.

Inbreeding in Bed Bugs: One Key to Massive Increases in Infestations

Has anyone else seen this vid?  It's... ugh!  So gross!

OMG, Kacie, that is disgusting!!  I don't know how someone can live like that and NOT know there is a problem!  The place was literally crawling with bugs!  yuck!!!  

A word of warning - Don't go full screen, especially with the photos at the end.  You will end up wriggling in your seat and scratching!  Blech!

Anti-bedbug fabric stops bedbug movement. It doesn't directly kill them, it just tangles their legs and immobilizes them. It's nontoxic, harmless to people and pets, and bedbugs can't evolve resistance. Sounds good to me!

Researchers at Stony Brook University have developed a safe, non-chemical resource that literally stops bed bugs in their tracks. This innovative new technology acts as a human-made web consisting of microfibers 50 times thinner than a human hair which entangle and trap bed bugs and other insects. This patent-pending technology is being commercialized by Fibertrap, a private company that employs non-toxic pest control methods.

"The microfibers trap them by attaching to microstructures on their legs taking away their ability to move, which stops them from feeding and reproducing."

Innovative New Nanotechnology Stops Bed Bugs in Their Tracks -- Lit...



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