hall light

dining room light

hall doors

front entry

green shag, with appropriate kitty

red brick fireplace, dark paneling which extended over the windows as valences

hall light

ding room light

front entry

hall  doors

silver carpet made out of pop bottles

dark grey curtains with silver sheers

fireplace, made from rubber tires, & SCREEN

 dining room with new cabinet

The wall pics are inherited from Husbands folks.

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Looks good, but how can a fireplace be made of rubber tires?

Very nice! A labor of love. 

cool - how awesome

Oh Patricia I love the remodeling.

And of course the cat -- such a beautiful cat you have.

Lovely - just wonderful work.

Congrats that it's finished at last! And it looks great!

Patricia, I really like the color scheme....silver and grey....very modern.  OK, you have to explain the rug made from pop bottles, please!!  Never heard of that.  Sounds like this was a very environmentally friendly renovation.  I love the fireplace.  How awesome it is to reuse materials for totally unrelated purposes. 

Is the fireplace one, large molded piece of rubber, or is it made of of individual 'bricks?' 

Oh, yeah.  I forgot.  Love the cat as well.  :)

I like the silver-grey.

Patricia, you have done a remarkable job of design and color. I love white and the ways you blend them is perfect. Nice wall hangings too. Just Stunning!


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