The following is one of TheraminTrees' most thorough-going pieces, wherein he looks at the process and techniques whereby a "religious" organization (which will sound VERY familiar to most of us, once introductions are made!) takes a person who thinks s/he cannot be manipulated and does their number all over that person.  It's rather reminiscent of the old business about a frog and hot water.  Mr. Ribbit will jump out of the hot water, but if the temp is raised S-L-O-W-L-Y, he'll stay put ... to his detriment.  This process is what TT spells out in thoughtful detail.

Please enjoy.

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Thanks for posting, Loren.  That was very interesting and worth watching.

Great video, Loren! Definitely worth watching. Thanks.

It's been two days since I watched this video and it's till "adjusting" my ideas about my own vulnerabilities to cognitive dissonance as well as my understanding of how many powerful institutions function. I heartily recommend it to all.

Theramin has a way of digging into the meat of a topic and getting more out of it than may seem to be there at first blush.  Many of his other videos have that same quality, which is why I admire his art and skill.

Really scary. When I hear truth being bended, and know that people are being manipulated, I become more and more misanthropic--not to mention "ostrich-like".  Thanks, Loren, I think.

I think being skeptical is easy to do for the most part, as it requires one to basically study facts and decipher information.  However, being manipulated by others is a matter which involves emotions, which often are not rooted in reason or logic.  I know I'm guilty of being manipulated as much as anyone else.  I may even recognize that it's happening to me at the moment, but I allow it to occur anyway. 

Being skeptical is easy ... IF you're willing to be curious AND dubious of many things, including your own conclusions about what you think reality is.  The obvious problem are those who can't be that thorough or swallow the statements of others, without subjecting them to scrutiny.

We all know where that goes, and it's no place good.

No argument from me, Loren.  It takes time, energy and desire to keep yourself informed and to ask the pertinent questions.  So many people just don't care or want to make the commitment.  Personally, I want to know and understand what's occurring around me, both locally and universally.  Life itself is fascinating.  The last guy I seriously dated several years back had no intellectual curiosity, and he drove my levels of frustration through the roof.  I guess we all have our different priorities.

Out of 7,447,690,300 + humans on Earth surely there is one who has the intellectual curiosity that fits your needs. I would run, not walk away from one who lacks such characteristics. 

Oh! Jeez! I wish I understood that 60 years ago. Once I learned how my marriage was, I wanted no part of another. It is as though that part of me died. 

Very good video. Thanks. Festinger´s theory (Cognitive Dissonance) has opened my eyes a long time ago. Good to hear it again.

J Marks, Cognitive Dissonance was an eye-opener for me, too. Why don't we learn such things from our families or at least in secondary school

Thanks for sharing this video!

For folks like me who hesitate to sit down in front of a video for half an hour -- I extracted the audio using (web-based; no apps etc.) and listened to it in my car tonight. TheraminTrees' presentation remains remarkably effective as a "radio program".

(That also means you can play it on your computer, do other, nonverbal things while listening, and not feel you have to watch the screen every second.)

I feel both scared at how I (and you, and all of us) are vulnerable to those maladaptive strategies for reducing cognitive dissonance, and heartened by the prospect that realizing that "I can be manipulated" makes me more resistant to being manipulated.




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