Benetton pull advert showing Pope kissing religious leader after Vatican complaint


They can belly-up to the vatican all they want; these pictures aren't going anywhere. Although I admire Benetton Groups controversial advertising style (especially this specimen from their most recent venture), they're not without their own controversial activities. See wiki page.

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That is the most un-hot man on man kissing I've ever seen.

Yeah, the one with Obama and some Senator was much better.

You should post that picture Susan.

Hahaha! That is not what I expected to read.


Frankly, I can't believe Benetton thought they could get away with that.

What were they thinking? Unhate? Isn't that faintly reminiscent of ... love? What an anathema to religious leaders.

I agree with Dr. kellie - just very unhot.

My mistake.  It is David Cameron.

Yeah - it is better. Thanks for the picture!

They made a lot of pictures for this campaign.  Looking for this picture I cam across three with Obama.  The other two were Hugo Chavez and Hu Jintao.

And they were all kissing? Wow -- I'll have to look at those.


The reason the POPE dislikes this picture is because it's not with little boys. OR, it doesn't depict the POPE properly in his role as leader of the largest Christian sect as 'covering-up' pedophiles as it's obvious he's been involved in for at least the past 30-years.


As for those lovely white robes...they're good for covering up his devil's tail and when he wears that penis pointie hat - that covers his horns.




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