Remember that star in the east?  Well...

(It would seem there is astral phenomena and then there is ASS-tral...

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That's one option, Pat.  Problem is, how many two-legged sheep know the meaning of the word: "effluvium?!?"

Bahhh !

if in i recolek effluvium  sciptur say it's to do wid ...SATAN...

Haaa!!!   That is just the funniest!!!!   

LOL, a variation on the manger story I never expected.

That is funny. I originally saw it on the TV program. I don't remember the name... Super Chicken, or something like that.

I always wondered why Jesus had to be born of a virgin in the myth. I always thought it would have been a more realistic story if he was an orphan left on someone's door.

I'm pretty sure it was "Robot Chicken," Chris, though I will admit, i don't watch the Cartoon Network very often.

Super Chicken was associated with Jay Ward Productions and their short-lived but utterly hilarious show, George of the Jungle.

A new word! effluvium |iˈfloōvēəm|
noun ( pl. -via |-vēə|)
an unpleasant or harmful odor, secretion, or discharge : the unwholesome effluvia of decaying vegetable matter.
ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from Latin, from effluere ‘flow out.’

I love Robot Chicken! Thanks : )


What a wonderful story of the animals all singing their love, praise and joy at the arrival of our Savior.





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