How fun!  One of my bffs got this posted on facebook.  Why didn't I think of this?

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Why not?  Body conditioning and mind conditioning, all in one action!  Gotta keep them righteous thoughts in place while you work your abs, right?
what? just praying didn't work? lol they will stop at nothing to turn a profit in the name of their lord.
Maybe it's like the Story Of Suzi, who prays to get over her illness while going to the doctor for medicine?

as accurate as that story is, why... why! did they have to use my name?!?! lol


And how many times have I heard xians sigh and say, "Oh, the power of prayer."


Uh.  What?

I think some people can get comfort from prayer. It could even mean the difference between life and death if they're sick, and need emotional strength to continue.

Some people may disagree with me. I'll agree I could be wrong here.

You can get comfort from opiates, too.

Since I don't believe, I can't get any benefit from prayer.

Have the folks who brought us mortification of the flesh sprouted another heretic group? Are the Gospel following lawyers and accountants trying to seal the soul body chasm which the Bible clerics have fostered for so long in believers? Is this yet another slick marketing campaign to fleece the believers? Physical health and living in caves practicing bronze age myths aren't exactly related anthropological data points. This must be spam.

It was posted by a real life friend of ours who wants to try it.  The post actually read, "OMG, I want to try body gospel!"



It's got to be a poe site. It looks so real.




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