Thirsty Plants Text For Help

Interactive telecommunications researchers designed a soil-moisture sensor device that can allow a house plant to communicate with its owner. The device can send short messages to a mobile phone or, by using a service called Twitter, it can send short messages to the Internet. The messages can range from reminders to water the plant, a thank you or a warning that you over- or under-watered it. (Sorry I couldn't embed the video. I recommend you skip to 29 seconds)

There's a catch.

Each device has to be assembled from basic parts. Each Botanicalls kit is $99.

At that price it makes more sense to me to use Botanicalls for agriculture, so irrigated farmer's fields can text them.

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So it's an expensive toy for people who are too stupid to look at their own plants... 

That sounds about right.

Anything to make money.

There are plant lovers who haven't got a green thumb. Most of them can't invest the money and effort this solution demands, though. I recommend Cast Iron Plant. It makes up half of my houseplants. Overwater, underwater, little light, lots of light, heat, or cold - these things just keep going.

They're supposed to be tropical. I threw one out in my back garden last Fall and the damned thing grew up there in Spring. It was a mild winter.

(Picture isn't my plant.)

This is a cheaper and easier solution.

Of course, not everyone has got a green thumb, I surely haven't. But I make a difference by looking at my plants, by checking water, light and humidity and I always find out from the internet what my plants prefer and what their natural habitat is.




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