A ridiculous claim should be recognized as such as a matter of course, shouldn't it?  Shouldn't It?!?  What happens if that claim is so imbued and integrated into society over hundreds if not thousands of years that it has been taken as TRUTH without being questioned?

Asked and answered by one of my favorite YouTube animators, DarkMatter2525, and brilliantly so, from where I sit.  Enjoy.

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This does an excellent job of explaining how some people have selective intelligence. Normally, people throw off ideas and theories that make no sense or can't be supported, but when it comes to God normally intelligent people seem to regress to prehistoric standards. Of course as pointed out, a child has their beliefs selected for them before they can read or write, making them susceptible to conditioning. I was born and baptised catholic. I had no choice in the matter it was probably decided before I was born. My parents enrolled me in Catholic School. That pretty much set me on the road to disbelief. I don't know how many atheists that church has produced but I bet the number is significant.

DarkMatter2525 has done an outstanding job of communicating these kinds of concepts since I first ran onto him.  Mostly, he's done it with sarcasm, with his version of Yahweh and "Jeffrey," but lately he's gotten more serious, but he still makes his points with the same kind of precision.  Between him and TheraminTrees, atheism is very well represented, indeed.

Worth a repost: TheraminTrees' video "Bending Truth", on how we're all vulnerable to being manipulated through the strong human need to reduce cognitive dissonance. (And perhaps paradoxically, accepting that and knowing how it works can make us less susceptible to being manipulated!)

If you don't have half an hour to watch a video, grab the audio with a tool like listentoyoutube.com (web-based, no downloads/apps needed). The soundtrack stands on its own quite well as a "podcast".

This is well done, and it's reassuring that truth doesn't need props. However it's pretty much preaching to the choir. It' not well balanced in that it fails to explore the ways in which some ridiculous claims performed important functions in the past, and the ways in which those functions are no longer necessary or are overweighted by accompanying dysfunction.




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