February 10, 2011 is a day I will never forget. On that day, here in Northeast PA everything was covered with ice. My car was similarly covered.

I went to my car and scraped and scraped and scraped. Finally I could enter the car and run my errands. I ran around town and picked up a few things and back to my parking place I went. Satisfied I had enough to last through the inclement weather. I exited my car, took a few steps and SHAZAM, down I went. I fell on the ice and broke my femur. A compound fracture with the bone exiting my leg and the attendant blood and mess. I was fucked up but good. I had enough presence of mind to scream "call 911" between moans and groans. What a trip!

      The next thing I remember was coming to in a hospital bed. I was in no pain thnks to the wonderful drugs the doc's ordered for me. They served me a tray of food but I wasn't interested in food, only drugs. I couldn't eat with the pain being what it was. When I got my pain meds about 20 minutes before food was served I had no trouble wolfing it down.

     Spending the amount of time I did in the hospital I eventually ate enough to keep me alive. The food and the drugs were my mainstay. As long

as they came in the right order I had no trouble getting and keeping them down. I spent two weeks in there with the second week devoted to Physical

Therapy and Occupational Therapy.

     I discovered one thing after admittance. The nurse asked how much I weighed. My actual weight was about 170lbs. but that was after a strict diet during which I dropped about 25lbs. When the nurse asked me I replied,wothout thinking, 194 or 195. Since morphine is administered according to body weight I got some extra. Which suited me just fine. I have an appt. June 26 at which time I expect to be fully recovered.

Till my next escapade I bid you farewll.


Jack Manger

on the correct dosage     Now I'm on the mend,50% weight bearing

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Jack - Awesome story. One I hope not to experience. Glad to here you're recovering well now.

It reminds me of a snow story in our town here in Wisconsin (we get snow here, too) about a guy in a snowbank. It's an interesting read how he was buried and someone found him, but the local comments are also interesting in their mentions about God, or lack thereof. Since this is an atheist blog you'll probably find them interesting too.

Neighbors rescue man buried in snow for hours


Thanks for sharing you experience, Jack. I'm glad to hear that you're on the way toward a full recovery.

Commisserations. I busted my ankle falling in the bathroom 4 years ago and can remember the frustration of not being able to do much - I couldn't make a cup of tea and then carry it into the front room so I could drink it sitting in my armchair. Withdrawl from IV painkillers was hard as well, but I found out that coffee and chocolate helped.


Good luck with your recovery. Hope the cabin-fever doesn't drive you doolally.

A compound fracture is life altering. I'm glad it happened where help was accessible!
A friend of mine was running on the train platform one blustery winter's morn. The next thing we knew we heard he passed from brain trauma after he slipped and the back of his head hit the platform. A bunch of us attended the funeral the relatives arranged. Robust one minute; able to Marshall some kind of stats of every current sports team stand out then dead the next minute. I think of Oscar every time I see an icy railroad platform. Life is good! I appreciate what's left of mine for sure!




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