This is more of an announcement than a discussion, but I think it would interest many of us.

This is a 2-page PDF file, so I don't know how to Copy and Paste it here, but Melanie Elyse Brewster, Ph.D is writing a book called Atheists in America: Narratives from an Invisible Minority, and she is asking for commentaries, narratives, essays on how we live, work, get along in such an overly religious society.  She is particularly interested in whether or not we (as individuals) have come out of the closet, how we did it, what the reactions were, etc.

Check the the link, and contact her if you feel like it.  (My own story is too boring to submit.)

I think the book should be fascinating!

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My story is boring, too, and I feel like I'm still on the journey at times. I will share this with my son, who, I'm sure, will be able to share his experience very eloquently. I didn't go to church while growing up, but did attend parochial school for 12 years. I tried to be the good Catholic girl and raised my sons in the church...13 years of school for them AND we spent many years attending weekly mass. Little did I know that my sons were atheists by the time they turned 13 (they are 22 and 26 now) :D

I will be interested in reading the finished work, too.
I would like to read this! I'm too private a person to submit my story, but I would love to read about others.

Did you read ther PDF notice?  I think that if you're at all interested, you can contact her, ask for anonymity, and she'll send you a questionnaire. You can fill it out, or not.  It's your choice.

I'm thinking of writing to tell her to contact The Clergy Project ; I'm fascinated by stories of priests or ministers who have lost, or dumped, their belief in the invisible, and are now wondering WTF they are going to do with the rest of their lives - how they are going to support their families, etc. Especially the ones who haven't yet told anyone, and are still faking it in the pulpit. 

I have read Dan Barker's story so many times that I think I've memorized parts of it...he faked his faith for about 6 months before coming out and quitting, and hated himself for doing it.

I was never that involved in church stuff after high school, and just gradually drifted away.  I also read a lot of popular science magazines, and slowwwwwly came to realize that the buybull was just that.  Bull. Fiction. 

Anybody can write fiction if they have a smidgin of imagination.  I don't even have that.  I've thought of several plots for SF stories, but I can't make the characters breathe.  All my favorite writers can/could do that, no matter how outrageous the general plots are.  (Telepathic dragons?  FTL travel?  Intelligent cats that speak human-type languages?  A talking Scarecrow and a Tin Man, oh, my!)




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