This was an article about the cancelled TV shows and what I really liked was this guys comment about the state of TV shows today.

"And this is whats wrong with America. They keep on GARBAGE (Jersey Shore, Kardashian's, Basketball wives, etc...) and cancel half way decent stuff. What's wrong with this picture???"

What do you all think of the TV Shows today?

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Agreed! That's why I thought what that guy said was so true. Most of what is on TV is garbage.

I watch Food network, Discovery, History, Science Channel, rarely network, except for Fringe, and I hear it is on the bubble, also. Also the Walking Dead. Don't care much for most of the rest.

Same here I also watch some Food Network like Chopped, Walking Dead of course, Survivor, Amazing Race. Can't think of much else. I get a lot of movies on DVD.
South Park .. I really that show.
Wow, I've only heard of a handful of those shows, but have never watched any of them. I honestly wonder how some shows have been successful in spite of being mind-numbingly stupid. I watch very little network TV. Lots of Science Channel, Planet Green, A&E, History, Discovery. Even some of the shows on those networks leave me scratching my head. "Ancient Aliens" or Mysteries of the bible" anyone?? :/

Every time I think they can't come up with a more ridiculous 'reality' show, they prove me wrong. "Hillybilly Handfishin' " and "Duck Dynasty".....ugh.

Your quote, in bold, sums things up perfectly, Steph!
Yeah that show Ancient Aliens was really strange .. Aliens did everything!

I'm proud to say I don't subscribe or pay for cable.  It's not worth it to me.  Too much garbage out there and I have better things to do with my time.  My digital converter box gives me the basic network channels and out of those, I mostly watch PBS and several local channels that show reruns from the 50's, 60's and 70's.  I have to honestly say I could live without CBS, NBC or ABC and never miss them.  They don't have programming I wish to watch.  For me it's Netflix, books and podcasts.....and music.    

Sounds like a plan. I also just buy movies, books and games for the most part. Of course the Nexus is always here too!
Oh yeah I can't forget iTunes music and podcasts .. So right!

The broadcast networks are keeping the shows that are the least expensive to produce... taping and editing "Dancing With the Semi-Celebrities" costs a lot less than quality drama.  Does anybody here remember the first 10 years of broadcast TV in the US?  Amazing live drama, Sid Caesar and "Your Show of Shows," classical music concerts...things you rarely even see on PBS anymore.

The only network show I still like is Saturday Night Live. 

I like Jay Leno as a person; he used to board his elderly kitty at the Cat Hotel when I was still working there, and he was SO sweet with her when he would bring her in and pick her up; he carried her buttoned inside his shirt with her head poking out between the buttons. 

Jay Leno & the late Miss Cheeseler

I enjoy his monologues and Headlines, but that's about it.  When he has bimbos on, or politicians, he just lets them yatter... BORRRRRRINNNNNGGGG! 

My sister was watching the other night when Ricky-Tacky Insanetorum was on, and RS was ranting on about his horror of single parent and gay families.  Leno just sat there... didn't challenge him about widows and widowers who have raised well-adjusted, responsible, outstanding people.  I was sitting here at the computer (with my back to the TV), trying to write, and fuming.  I finally left the room.  I didn't want to upchuck on my keyboard.

I do like most of Food Network's shows because I love to cook, but I'm not fond of the "contests"...I especially hate "Cupcake Wars."  Seems to me the judges go out of their way to humiliate the contestants...all the frantic dashing about the set gets on my last nerve, and what's the big deal with cupcakes, anyway?  Ick.  A few years ago wedding cakes made out of tiers of cupcakes were "in," but I thought they were tacky.  Maybe it's just me.

I also love "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report."  Both those guys are more intelligent (and slyly funny) than the talking heads on the network news.  Local news programs are just so much babble.

OH! Rachael Maddow is simply MAR-velous! 

I love people who aren't afraid to let the world know they can think.  (That applies to "South Park," too, but I rarely have a chance to watch it.  We only have one TV set, and it's not "mine," even though I pay the cable bill.)

How sweet! Love that picture of Jay Leno and his kitty!

She looks like my girl cat. <3

That photo was taken about 10 years ago, I think.  Miss Cheese "left the building" around 2005.  (Just before I had to quit working at the Cat Hotel because my back gave out on me.)

Of course they adopted another cat right away, but I never met her.

You gotta see South Park! It's one of my favorites!




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