This was an article about the cancelled TV shows and what I really liked was this guys comment about the state of TV shows today.

"And this is whats wrong with America. They keep on GARBAGE (Jersey Shore, Kardashian's, Basketball wives, etc...) and cancel half way decent stuff. What's wrong with this picture???"

What do you all think of the TV Shows today?

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Gotta collect them all!

The goth kids are my favorite Jonathan .. Did you see those episodes?

One of my favorite episodes has always been the Mormon one, where they tell the story of Joseph Smith. "Dum dum dum dum dum!" LMAO.

And the scene were Stan's dad (or Kyle's?) goes on Wheel of Fortune. Hysterical.

Yes! That episode is so very awesome! Love it!

I miss actual sci-fi. The paranormal witches mythical characters woo-woo fantasy is so lame in comparison. Nature documentaries are great, though. We love watching Wild Australia, Frozen Planet, etc.

Yes me too. SyFy has some paranormal stuff on it .. like Ancient Aliens.

Frozen Planet .. I heard of that one. I think I'll look into it.

Wild Australia .. that one sounds interesting too.

There is a vast desert in TV Land but there are a few oasis in the waste land Eureka (it's the last season), Warehouse 13, and Alphas on the SyFy channel. On the History channel and H2 channel, Modern Marvels, Universe (and the other space related series), How it's Made, Engineering an Empire and REAL history. They can junk the 2012 stupidity, Aliens, Nostradamus and Bible Code horse crap.
The Simpsons, South Park, Dexter, Law and Order, CSI, Bones, Person of Interest, Fringe and a few others are watchable.
The only two “reality” shows I watch are Pawn Stars and American Picker

I agree with your list Jim. Those are good shows. I forgot to mention Alphas and Warehouse 13.
Great list of shows there! South Park is one of my favorite!



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