It would seem as though Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian, has caught wind of the "cancel culture" which has been doing the rounds in the United States, surrounding the removal of certain statuary which celebrates the losing side of the Civil War.  Problem is that said culture may be taking aim at Donald Trump's favorite book, the bible!  Being the socially-engaged (though still socially distanced!) lady that she is, Betty brought over a couple of her best friends to discuss the matter: Franklin Somebody-or-other and Jerry Fal... drat, can't remember his last name.  Apparently, they're a couple of big boys in the bible belt, and she wanted to share her concerns with them.

And gee whiz, we get to listen in!

Have You Had YOUR Betty Today?

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Do ya mean finklin gray ham, and jerky fall bad?

Yeah, I think that's them!  Their names just don't stick with me ... pretty forgettable, really. [smirk!]

Thank you! Keep 'em coming.

As long as Deven and Andrew keep makin' 'em, I'll keep puttin' 'em up here!





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