Pope Francis Called Gay Adoption A Form Of Discrimination Against C...

Bergoglio is seen as

1) unwaveringly orthodox on matters of sexual morality,

2) staunchly opposing abortion,

3) staunchly opposing same-sex marriage, 

4) staunchly opposing contraception,

5) gay adoption is a form of discrimination against children.

Is that a gleam in his eye as he gazes upon a chalice of gold and silver? 

I wonder, new pope, same old pope? 

“The righteous know the rights of the poor;
   the wicked have no such understanding.” 
 (Proverbs 29:7, NRSV)

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Grinning Cat, the question is very appropriate:

"if he (Pope Francis) is willing to let millions of followers take their chances with nature and “faith,” without protection, why does he ride around in a bullet-proof box? It isn’t difficult to see the Popemobile as a four-wheel condom."

"If you’re an average, American Catholic (I’m not familiar enough with other modern first-world Catholics to know where they sit on this scale) you’re likely using birth control and condoms already, in spite of what the Pope says. I have no qualms with you or your beliefs. It is the Pope’s wanton disregard for human safety in the name of ancient superstitions that raises my ire. To my mind, this is enough to convict the Pope of dangerously irresponsible behavior. I could go on about his condemnation of homosexuals as deviants and the systematic protection of child abusers, but I’ll save that for another day."

Enough evidence exists "to convict the Pope of dangerously irresponsible behavior."

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