Pope Francis Called Gay Adoption A Form Of Discrimination Against C...

Bergoglio is seen as

1) unwaveringly orthodox on matters of sexual morality,

2) staunchly opposing abortion,

3) staunchly opposing same-sex marriage, 

4) staunchly opposing contraception,

5) gay adoption is a form of discrimination against children.

Is that a gleam in his eye as he gazes upon a chalice of gold and silver? 

I wonder, new pope, same old pope? 

“The righteous know the rights of the poor;
   the wicked have no such understanding.” 
 (Proverbs 29:7, NRSV)

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As I've said in a couple of other places here, I think The Who sums it up best:

Meet the new boss...same as the old boss.

Who knew "Won't Get Fooled Again" would be so prophetic...

Shades of Michael Richter, a friend on another site who gives off whizzer one-liners.

He sounds just like the rest of them - terrible. YUCK

Pardon me while I barf.


I read an article that said humanists would be happy with either a liberal or conservative pope.  Liberals were hoping for a pope that would try to bring the church into the 21st Century and possible retain or gain followers; conservatives are hoping he will change little or nothing, especially about the points that Joan listed above.  That would lead to even more people leaving the church and hopefully turning towards rationalism.  Looks like we will see an ongoing exodus and it's alright with me!


I know Jorge Bergoglio took the bus to work because I saw him doing so while I was back in Argentina visiting friends. Now, his position on gay marriage, abortion, contraception and the likes...will push many more Argentinians to leave the RC beliefs.

The Atheist movement in Argentina is not new and is increasing in numbers; Bergoglio's way of thinking will add speed to said changes. 

He isn't supposed to change because the Church isn't supposed to change ... and yet it HAS changed and it DOES change, mostly despite itself.  If Francis has any brains at all (and he shows signs thereof), he will recognize the liability of those who were operant either in abusing children or hiding the abusers from the civil authorities.  There has been tolerance for the RC church as regards that issue, but that tolerance is both strained and waning.  Francis has the choice of giving up the wrong-doers or being taken down with them.

Satire from The Onion -- after less than a day as Pope, Francis I announced his resignation at the end of the month. "This is uncharted territory for Catholics across the globe, as no pope has resigned since February of this year.... many suspect the decision stems from the myriad scandals that have plagued the church during his papacy."

"It isn't difficult to see the popemobile as a four-wheel condom."

-- Dan Piraro, elaborating on a "Bizarro" cartoon with a backstory:

Hemant Mehta quotes the artist:

Millions of people all over the world are so dedicated to the belief that this one man [the Pope], elected by other men, is divinely ordained by GOD that they will do anything he says, no matter how foolish or dangerous. The most conspicuous of these dangerous edicts is the condemnation of birth control and condoms. If but one man in a very fancy dress said it was okay to use birth control, millions of babies each year would not be born into poverty and subsequently die of malnutrition and disease. If he encouraged the use of condoms, untold numbers of people would be protected from AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, thus avoiding the suffering and death of millions more. These facts are undeniable and serve to illustrate in gory detail how dangerous the human inclination toward superstition can be.

Which prompts this question: if he is willing to let millions of followers take their chances with nature and “faith,” without protection, why does he ride around in a bullet-proof box? It isn’t difficult to see the Popemobile as a four-wheel condom.

and adds, "If every comic strip had this sort of hidden backstory, I might actually read the funny pages more often…"


"Cardinal Jorge Maria Bergoglio of Argentina, now Pope Francis" 

La Plata, Argentina Photo by Dayer Mohuanna

Child searching for food 

Is that pic one taken recently...after last week's flood?




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