CBS Sunday Morning is beginning to piss me off.  This morning they presented a story on the US governments foray into attempting to use psychic abilities as a mechanism for espionage.  They cited Uri Geller in particular as a subject during the piece, completely ignoring the fact that he is a demonstrable FRAUD.  This segment so angered me that I had to register my displeasure via their feedback website:

CBS News should be embarrassed about their story this morning about ESP, and particularly as regards their treatment of Uri Geller.  Geller was debunked decades ago by magician James Randi, yet your reporter makes no mention of him, and the rebuttal by physicist Sean Carroll is treated as a side note to what is otherwise a credulous and non-skeptical treatment of this topic.  The closing comment – that extrasensory perception does NOT withstand scientific scrutiny – does not excuse you.

Your piece was badly unbalanced, and you owe your more critical viewers an apology.

And I invite you to do the same.

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Gosh! I haven't watched CBS in several years. I can't get back the time.


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