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Stand with me and the Nigerian girls: show the world we are #Strong...

Malala Yousafzai

I am in Nigeria with some of the brave girls who have sacrificed so much to get an education and achieve their dreams. We are petitioning YOU to stand with us.

I was honored to meet some of the girls yesterday, and after listening, sharing and crying together, we have a message: 

We will not be silent while our Sisters in Nigeria and around the world are targeted in this war on education. Together we are stronger than oppression. We are stronger than violence. We are stronger than fear. We have a right to an education and we will prevail. We will see the return of our innocent sisters in Nigeria, and that they and all children will be able to go to school. We are stronger than those who stand in our way. Stand with us, and together we will win.

As strong and determined as we are, we cannot do this on our own. These girls in Nigeria must know they are not alone; we will not forget those still in captivity. We need you to stand with us. Sign this statement to show you are with us, and that together we are #StrongerThan fear, oppression and violence.

-- Malala

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Patricia, none of the links in your text are "hot."  You might want to check your source and edit the above to activate the links.


Signed! and Shared! Thanks for the hot link!





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