Well, it's that time of year again.  Time to gird our loins, put on our battle armor and join the (dah-dah DAAAAAH!) WAR AGAINST CHRISTMAS!!! [groan!]

Yeah, most of us have heard that crap before, probably too many times, in fact, how atheists are persecuting christians, that Jebus is the reason for the season, ad nauseum.  It may come as no great surprise to us as atheists, then, that our good bud, Seth Andrews, has taken his own look at Christmas beyond the tunnel-visioned attitude too many believers have about it and looked "Behind the Curtain."  Turns out that what is actually behind said curtain ain't exactly the Wizard of Oz!

In any case, have a look and enjoy ... and have a Merry one, everybody!

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 Lessons revisited. But you're right, Loren. Let's not get our shorts in a bind over Christmas. I don't give gifts (even to my grandchildren) because I hate shopping. They know and expect nothing, so it's no big deal.

I agree, Randy, I don't give gifts either, even as I spend quality time with them that I think they will remember when they are 78 years old. They will have stories to tell their great-grandkids the fun things we did together. We encourage each one to tell real stories or fabricated ones and we have to decide, as a group, if his or her story is fact or fiction. 

Laura and Larry have set up a Yule log outside to burn, roast wieners and marshmallows as we tell ghost stories. They hear all the old stories, and they each take turns to create stories to tell us. They get better every year. We also like to play Finish-the-Story, where each one adds a sentence to a growing story. 

We have no snow this year. Usually there is three or four feet of snow, snow mobiles, and cross country skying through their forested property. We usually make an igloo and light it from inside with candles so we can see the glow from inside the dining room. Of course, there are the obligatory snow men and women and children and elders. A very creative mind exists in each of the coming generation. 

Another activity we enjoy is Top-that-word. This morning it was hypoid gear design. Larry won, and we all missed by a mile. We then learn the word. 

It is the task of the kids to pick out what they want to play. 

We also share great meals, and every single member of the family has a responsibility for a part of the meal. ... except five-month-old Brooklyn, of course. 

Is there anything wrong with a socialist? A good socialist thinks of people first and of money later, instead of the other way around.

Poor Mindy with neighbours like that! She'll probably think that it's an act of belief not to understand you - and she knows jeebus loves retarded people.

Mindy, I'm not so sure you would want to do this, but here's something you could send your idiot neighbor. And remember. It's the thought that counts.

Santa Card.

Like I said, it's the thought that counts. The thought of her leaving you alone.

Pat, a card like that could land you on Santa's naughty list ... to which all I got to say is, "Welcome to the club!"

Then there's the "classic" gross-out card showing Santa taking a dump down someone's chimney.

I prefer the various "Axial Tilt is the Reason for the Season" graphics.

And Grumpy Cat....

(Or the farting Rudolph...."Do you hear what I hear?")

Chris, right on target! The general public needs to know what socialism does to individuals, culture and the Earth. 

Mindy, what a terrible neighbor. I know the feeling all too well. 

A newlywed couple moved in next door to me and announced they were born-again christians. I responded that I was a born-again atheist because I read the bible from cover to cover. They treated the neighbor kids as if they were heathens. All the neighbor kids gathered in my back yard in the summer for picnics and games, arts and crafts and she hated them going down our common driveway to get there. I started telling her all the reasons I had deconverted from christianity. I kept at it for one summer. They moved before the next summer. 

I don't suppose that will work for you and your particular neighbor. She is probably older and heard it all before and just let it slide off her back like water off a duck. Nothing enters the cognitive part of her brain. She lives in the fight or flight segment, the emotional part, and responds based on fear. 

I like your response to her treating your adult children like little kids. Kind of an insult. I don't buy the "it is the thought that counts". She clearly does not think or act like a mentally healthy, mature, adult and making excuses only enables the behavior. 

I know! I am a bitch!

If "BITCH" means Beauty In Total Charge of Herself, then I'd agree, Joan.  Again, the BACs seem to think they're supposed to get a pass because they have some sort of moral high ground because of their faith ... except that they don't, and when someone gets in their face about their bullshit, they get all butt-hurt and upset.

What they need to do, as we've observed elsewhere, is to Grow Up and Get Over Themselves!

Love it, Loren! Somewhere I saw a placard that said "Instead of being born again, I just grew up."


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