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By Dan Merica, CNN

Washington (CNN) – The Christmas season is revealing a growing rift among American atheists when it comes to the question of how to deal with religion.

Some atheist activists are trying to seize the holidays as a time to build bridges with faith groups, while other active unbelievers increasingly see Christmas as a central front in the war on religious faith. With the dramatic growth of the nonreligious in the last few decades, more atheist leaders are emerging as spokespeople for atheism, but the Christmas rift speaks to growing disagreement over how atheists should treat religion.

On the religion-bashing side, there’s David Silverman, president of the group American Atheists, which raised one of its provocative trademark billboards in New York’s Times Square last week. “Keep the MERRY!” it says. “Dump the MYTH!”
The sign features a picture of a jolly Santa Clause and another of Jesus dying on the cross – a not-so-subtle attack on Christianity.

“Christianity stole Christmas in the first place and they don’t own the season, they don’t own the Christmas season,” Silverman said, pointing to pagan winter solstice celebrations that predated Jesus Christ. “When they say keep Christ in Christmas, they are actually saying put Christ back in Christmas.”

The New York billboard, which will be up until early January and is costing the group at least $25,000, is the latest in a long line of provocative American Atheists signs, which attacked then-Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s religion during this year’s presidential campaign.

It’s not the only way Silverman is using Christmas to attack Christianity. In a recent TV interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, he said the American Atheist office be open on Christmas Day and called for an end to Christmas as a federal holiday.

O’Reilly, in turn, called Silverman a fascist.

Despite Silverman’s knack for making headlines, however, other prominent atheists are putting a softer face on the movement, including during Christmastime.



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I say it's much ado about NADA.  People will celebrate ANY holiday, Christmas included, as they choose.  Frankly this smells of an attempt to drive a wedge between atheists using a bullshit reason.  Personally, I don't care if you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Yule or Saturnalia.  Do it as you please; just don't bother me about it and we'll be just fine, thankuverymuch.

You know Loren - I was thinking the same thing. The article is apparently bias and I think it is something to try and divide Atheists. They want their to be a divide.

Divide and conquer - I think that is what they are up too.

Good point, Steph. Frankly, I don't know of any atheists opposed to billboards like that. I've spoken with some who are indifferent to them, but I don't know of any who have contacted American Atheists and expressed their opposition.

I agree.

CNN is our friend.

Right to express one's opinion can not be denied on any pretext, how one expresses it is his own choice.  Atheists have no hang ups and support all that serves the humanity.

Agreed Bipin - thanks


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