Whether as atheist, agnostic, gay / Lesbian or whatever, the process of coming out has been a repeated topic of discussion here on Atheist Nexus and for good reason: it is at once a necessary yet potentially supremely painful process, depending on the participants and social environment where it happens.  For myself, the only advice I've ever been able to manage to those facing that gauntlet is that "It is PERSONAL," and needs to be within the comfort level of the person contemplating it.

Well, it seems as though our buddy, TheraminTrees, has done more than think about it, a whole lot more.  Indeed, TT has taken the matter and applied no small amount of analytic acumen to it, breaking it down into manageable bites and understanding each one, considering not just the point of view of the one coming out, but his or her audience as well.

For those of you in the closet and even those who aren't, this is a must-see.  Please enjoy.

BTW, don't be surprised if a familiar name gets thrown about a little ways in! [grin!!!]

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That's a solid piece of work!

Isn't it, though?  Personally, I think TT has outdone himself with this one.

BTW, don't be surprised if a familiar name gets thrown about a little ways in! [grin!!!]

What a sinister surprise! :)

I been Ayn Randed, nearly branded a communist, 'cuz I'm left-handed.
That's the hand to USE, well ... never mind!

-- Paul Simon, "A Simple, Desultory Philippic"

Thanks, Loren. I like how he structures this discussion.

This is a really valuable asset. I wish I'd had it before I came out.


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