We think of institutionalized child abuse and for many of us, the natural reaction is to think of the Catholic Church. Certainly, their guilt is beyond question, even as the headlines of the Boston Globe early in 2002 and the more recent news stories coming from Pennsylvania have attested. The problem is that they are by no means alone. A group known by multiple names including “the Children of God” and headed by one David Berg presents a non-Catholic example of not just systematized but normalized child sexual abuse which, I must admit, I was unaware of up until viewing the following video.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses I DID know about, through the good offices of Seth Andrews and his Thinking Atheist podcasts. He has devoted at least two episodes that I’m aware of to the topic of the JWs and their assorted perfidies, and considerable mention of concealed child abuse has been made during those conversations.

Enter our good friend, TheraminTrees. He has taken it upon himself to dig rather deeply into both the above religious cults with an eye toward exposing the mechanisms and methods used to intimidate followers into compliance and silence. This is has accomplished with the kind of focused diligence I suspect a 30-year police detective would admire.

Watch the following and know that this is a game which is not the exclusive province of those who owe their allegiance to Vatican City. Indeed, anywhere there is implacable authority and the expectation of rigid conformity, abuse of children and adults both is more than possible; it is downright LIKELY.

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Noticed that the video is 45 minutes long! Those of you who've watched it already, does listening to the audio give almost the full effect, as it does for TheraminTrees' excellent half-hour video "Bending Truth"?

The still YouTube shows looks like an apt "pull quote": male authority figures telling a young woman, "Reporting abuse shames Jehovah's name!" If Jehovah is so powerful and worthy of respect, surely he could protect his own good name by, say, reforming the would-be abusers before they hurt anyone! And if he doesn't, his name deserves the shame it gets!

Precisely my reaction, GC.  Their non-existent god would do well to protect anyone who would dare to molest my kid, and when they protested that "reporting abuse shames Jehovah's name," my response would be: "If my words can despoil your god's name, then what about YOUR despicable actions?!?"

"Flaws are preserved in the formaldehyde of faith." LOL




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