This sounds as if it would be great for disaster relief, such as after Katrina. My only problem is that there aren't enough built in windows and ventilation holes. Wouldn't you suffocate? And there should be valves for water lines to come in and sewage to come out.

If a tornado totally destroyed your home, would you want something like this as a temporary residence until you could rebuild?

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I wasn't able to see the video. Using Concrete Canvas Building, I found this. Is this what you found? 

Concrete Canvas Building

Great idea! This "temporary" resident would be better than a tent, if it is affordable, and quickly available, and with equipment to install it, yes. If not, a canvas tent will work in an emergency. With doors able to open, and I presume openable windows, there would be sufficient air; not perfect, but survivable; unless air is poisoned.   

That's the same video. Sorry my embed didn't work. I didn't see any windows, except two tiny ones in the door.

It is an intriguing idea that has a lot of benefits and flaws. You point out the obvious, not enough ventilation. Also, in hot weather it would be an oven. Trying to put one up for a family without heavy equipment would be a real challenge. On the other hand, if there were workers to do lifting, heavy equipment to pull it apart, and a surface that would not get tattered in wind, rain and snow, and more insulation that canvass, it could be better. I sure hope I never have to live in one out of necessity. The idea does kind of kindle my imagination for other alternatives. I enjoyed this piece. Thanks Ruth.




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