GRAIN & FOOD PRICES TO SOAR! China Trade, Farmers, Weather, and GSM

What can I do to be more self-sufficient? 

1. grow more of my food,

2. eat lower on the food chain,

3. find simple, less expensive pleasures, 

4. build support community, 

5. prepare for at least five years of changes in weather patterns, 

6. develop a comprehensive food/trade strategy that supports farmers,

7. create a master plan to deal with the world's poor.



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I've practised 2, 3 and 4 for years, 1 is not wise because of pollution in this town, the others out of my range. A good idea is to have a dinner club; cook a simple meal for a neighbour or friend one week, the next week you eat at his or her place. It prevents food waste and helps 3 and 4.

Plinius, wise ideas, as usual. I especially like the dinner club suggestion. 

Are others in your community concerned about the pollution? 

Do you not perceive having clean air in your town?

Silence achieves nothing, as recent rape allegations against our POTUS demonstrates. When people join together for a common purpose, change occurs.

I moved to the country and discovered clean air; what a wonderful thing that is!  Sadly, a smelter threatens this paradise with planning to build a smelter less than a mine from elementary and secondary schools, our nursing home and hospital. We, the community, raise opposition. Even our town mayor, our state representative, and our state governor support the smelter in the grounds it will bring jobs to the community. Yes, we need jobs for this dying town, but we do not need foul air to save us. We probably will lose the conflict. Another blighted valley that fills with smoke killing many life forms. 

Yes, many people are concerned about pollution and try to find solutions, BUT where I live in the west of the Netherlands it's all one big urban and industrial area. There's no escape. We get pollution from Germany when the wind is east, from Belgium and from the oil industry close by when it's south and last year we even got smoke from Canada. There are too many people here and always lots of particulate matter, which causes us to die a year or two earlier. Luca and I never had the chance to start all over again in a clean part of the world.. But actions against industry, use of polluting stuff and use of cars never stop.

Yes, you make excellent points and with modernization, there is a cost. Your lifestyle does not contribute to pollution and with limited choices, you face formidable challenges. I like the ways you create a quality of life that works for you.  I regret that your garden's exposure to polluted air limits what you can grow and eat. 

Where I live, in a pristine valley ringed by the uplift of the continental plate, lava flows that created a series of pancake-like layers of volcanic rock, carved out by the Ice Ages and floods that resulted from the end of the Age, and the deep, rich soil that emerged in the valley floor from the receding floods and wind-blown loess, face the probability of becoming a valley polluted with toxic compounds. Paradise Lost!

We continue to fight the smelter! Our valley is worthy of the effort. 




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