The US invasion by Crazy Hairy Ants goes from Texas to Florida. Another benefit of Climate Change, apparently. The 'crazy hairy ants' invading America 

I apologize for providing a link with a commercial stuck in the video, but I found it worth waiting (on mute) for the news.

It seems the drought makes them worse. Drought worsening southeast Texas' problems with crazy ants

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These ants are approximately one-eighth inch long, and covered with reddish-brown hair. They are members of the Crazy ant group, named this because of their random, nonlinear movement.

Many local exterminators have reported Crazy Raspberry ant infestations, in (at least) 11 counties across the State of Texas. The Crazy Raspberry ant's attraction to electrical equipment, like computers and air conditioners; has caused short circuiting, overheating and/or mechanical failure. This has resulted in millions of dollars in damage, to Texas homes and local businesses.

Looks like only an exterminator can get rid of them. 


"There are no household chemicals that can get rid of the crazy ants ,which means Jawda is keeping the exterminator's phone number close.

"I make a contract with them to be here every two weeks or every month," he said.

There are two pesticides approved for use against the crazy ants are for professional use only and require multiple applications. And they are only approved for use in Texas counties where crazy ants have been confirmed."

Does the cream of wheat method work with these?

I mention cream of wheat, as described here:


And I also remember reading an article that said to spread some around known anthills, so long as you also supply water to help expand the CoW. --That was way back when I was a teen... sorry, no link for it.

I have never heard of these before, and I live in Florida.  Sounds like they are devastating to local fauna...
I have them where I currently live. Not as bad of an infestation, but the do see a few every now and then crawling across some of my wires, laptop, and TV
Not a problem yet Aviance? That's good. Are you in Texas?
I'm actually in Florida. The little guys don't bite, which is good, but they are really annoying as the do crawl all over you when you aren't expecting them to.
I'm glad to hear they don't bite.




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