There is great chaos now because of several factors coming together at the same time, thus adding to the fears of people who don't understand the elements involved in modern life. 
Environmentally, there has been a water shortage problem developing for decades that many have not noticed and only seem to be aware of now as other factors come together. Our change in weather is caused by human co
nsumption of fossil fuels as it changes air and water quality, wind patterns, glacial ice melt and sea temperatures and saline composition. These all work together to create changes in normal weather patterns. 
Economically, there has been an unsustainable process taking place that sucks assets out of working people's income and increases the wealth of owners of capital. This widening gap has been going on since 1975 and only now comes to attention because of exponential growth of population, money supply, and changes in tax laws. 
Politically, disputes over the role of government have heightened because of events occurring around the world. Key to international disputes is fossil fuel prices rise because of using up all sources of cheap oil. We now have to suck oil from sands, fracture the Earth to get gas, mine poorer grades of coal and use poorer quality of all fossil fuels. All these drive the price of fuel up, even as it reduces efficiency. Who owns fuel fields and who has rights of mining and drilling create frictions not easily solved. Military force is one option that carries a heavy toll. 
Alternative energy supplies urgently need to be developed and creates conflicts not easily resolved. 
One World Order concept goes against the grain of isolationists who want to be independent and separate from other nations. 
Beliefs, faith and reason present another major shift as more people openly question the existence of god with an associated loss of faith and belief in Bronze Age teachings.
These and other factors converge to make the world seem unstable, life unpredictable and problems uncontrollable. Take a deep breath, get comfortable, and think about all these events coming together at the same time and realize the end of life on Earth is not coming now and we can do things that will challenge problems and bring solutions.
It is true, humans now have the power to destroy life as we know it; we are not at the tipping point yet; we can take action and bring about a more equitable, fair, peaceful world. These stressors provide opportunity to look for different, new, creative, inventive ideas. All it takes is thinking and then doing those thing that will increase the probability of bringing about the world we prefer.

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I agree that these forces are converging on people, and can add to their fear. Many conservative fears are fictional. On the other hand the climate change risk we face, which should engender fear, is often ignored. I often feel as if Joe Public is a two year old consumed by fear that his siblings will get more Cheerios than he, while the house burns down.

I like that analogy. 


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