Hi all, I saw a sign in front of the local Salvation Army that said "Creation is the finger that points to God". I did a double take when I saw it, and luckily had my camera to shoot a video of it. After that I added text saying "Creation is the finger that points to ignorance". After thinking about it I wonder if they're right after all. Creation does point to God as opposed to pointing to evolution. I was wondering if you could look at it, and tell me if it's something I should take public. It's my first atheist video!

Learn Evolution Salvation Army



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There goes that humility feeling I "love" so mush! Thanks!
That was my first video. The sign faded to a finger flip, but it just didn't feel right. My friend I was with almost stuck his finger in the frame, too! I really don't want to be an apologetic, but I don't think I have the experience yet to be so bold. Maybe in a later video!
You could add it to the Atheist Nexus Videos. They have short ones too.

When creationists use the word "creation", although they sometimes are referring to the event or act or idea thereof of Mr. Yahweh making stuff ex nihilo, they also often use it in a fallacy-of-four-terms sort of way wherein they really rather mean to say "the world" or something similar when they say "creation".  The term "creation" is used commonly in certain dialects of English as a term for "the place" as in "running all over the place" or "the world" in general.


I'm sure that what they mean to say with that sign, when rendered into plain English, is "The fact that the world exists clearly indicates God.".


Of course, it's worth mentioning the details of how they are mistaken.  Ray Comfort famously uttered "Creation is one-hundred-percent scientific proof there was a Creator!  You cannot have a Creation without a Creator!".  Although this sentence--capital letters as I've written it set aside--stands to reason on its own as heard, it is clear that what was meant was "You can't have it that there is the world without a Creator!", which of course sounds retarded.  What exists is a creation if and only if it was created; otherwise, it is not a creation and neither creator (uncapitalized) nor Creator (capitalized) is indicated.  One must prove it to have been created to indicate a creator (of either capitalization).  Merely the fact that a word exists which implies that the world was created indicates nothing.  I myself was known as "Fag" for quite a long time, but at that time I was eight years old and an asexual, and now I'm definitely a heterosexual; the existence of a term doesn't mean anything about the outside world.

Creationism and it's proponents improperly use nouns as open ended entities with no real substance and verbs in action scenarios that are equal parts preposterous and impossible.

For fun I searched Google for "creation is a finger pointing to god" to see what came up. Guess what was the first hit? Yup, this post! I see my question on Pharyngula is on the first page, too. Beat that Salvation Army! It looks like it's not a famous saying, and something someone just made it up. I'll have to think about this one, and maybe come up with something more cunningly blasphemous. I could also attend their service today to find out more about this finger thing. Oh well, I've got a bunch of non religious videos piled up that need editing for the local cable access channel.

If you think of anything cunningly blasphemous, let me know!

I kept reading that wondering "why is this funny". I finally got it! I also fixed my video comment, and the Pharyngulites have helped to push it to 90 views so far. OH, Magic sandwich show with PZ Myers just started (after the commercial Grrrrr).
To be honest, if we knew there WAS a Creation, it would point to some external intelligence.  But that's the rub: they are assuming a Creation.  There is a universe, but we have no reason to believe it is created, and therefore a creation.  We recognize a sculpture isn't just a lump of stone, we tell the difference between creations and natural objects.




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