I have never heard of this before ... I thought it was interesting to share with you all. Anyone have any trouble adjusting to the time change?

Good morning? Let's all join in a collective yawn. Daylight saving time begins at 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 11. Get ready to spring, or stumble, ahead.

Yahoo! Health: Timeline for Better Sleep

Monday morning risks can be more serious than needing to nap at your desk: researchers at Loyola University School of Medicine report that there are more workplace injuries and traffic accidents the day after we turn our clocks ahead. Heart attack rates increase by as much as 10%. The time change is hardest on those who are chronically sleep deprived: the National Sleep Foundation estimates that more than one-third of Americans are dangerously sleepy.

While most people will adjust to the time change in a couple of days, night owls and those who habitually grab fewer than seven hours of sleep a night can take a full week to catch up.

Here are some tips to help reset your internal clock and survive your first couple of days back at work or school:

  • Start going to bed 15 minutes earlier a couple of nights before the time change.
  • Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier on Saturday and Sunday morning you are used to getting up earlier on Monday.
  • Go outside early Saturday and Sunday morning.
  • If you don't have a pre-existing health condition, exercise outdoors, but not after 4 p.m. which can disrupt sleep later.
  • Refrain from napping over the weekend.
  • Avoid alcohol on Sunday night. While it might knock you out, alcohol disrupts sleep patterns.
  • Eat a healthy, substantial breakfast Monday morning to provide you with energy to get through the day.

Children need help adjusting to the time change as well. Jennifer Chambers, MD, of the University of Alabama suggests serving dinner 30 minutes earlier to help reset their schedule. She also recommends against letting kids sleep late Sunday morning, the first day of the time change. More of her tips for children can be found here.


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I hate daylight savings time.  By the time I get used to the change, daylight savings time's over.

Yeah -- same here Chris.

I struggled to get out of bed today, even after oversleeping.

I slept late too. It was a tough week for me.

I consider it like jet lag, without having gone on the trip.

I agree - feels sorta like that.

It didn't sit well with a certain ten year-old boy I know, who just found out that adjusting his clock made it bed time. 

"Bedtime is an adult conspiracy, but sometimes adults need conspiracies." :)


On an only marginally more serious note, my favorite proposal for daylight saving time is the one someone called in to Car Talk a few years ago, one in which the clocks are adjusted not twice a year, but every day:

Every afternoon at 2:00 pm, the clocks are moved ahead to 3:00 pm. That way we eliminate an entire useless hour at the office where nothing productive gets done (except for meetings -- but that's redundant), and we enjoy an extra hour of daylight in the evening.

Every night at 3:00 am, the clocks are moved back to 2:00 am. With electronics, this can be done automatically. We get an extra hour of sleep.

It's a win-win-win situation!

I can see that

His older (and very independent minded) sister forgot to change her clock, …after a lengthy and detailed discussion about it last night.

Just woke up now, "It's not fair… blah blah blah".

I find it quite funny that people freak out over daylight savings. My partner was most upset that he was going to miss an hour of sleep. I have seen stories all over the news about how to adjust to this massive one hour change. Everyone wonders how they will adjust and cope. People never seem to mind when they stay up drinking or partying late - this is considered a good night despite the lack of sleep.

The change was on a saturday so this made it easier for everyone I guess, most sleep in on sunday anyway. We lose an hour here, gain it when it changes back - fair is fair lol.




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