Love is by many considered among the highest of positive emotions.  Yet when love of the type offered by deities is examined, something seems to go seriously wrong.  The love of Yahweh seems less a gift than a demand, not so much beneficence as a threat or Hobson's Choice ... at least when those of us who place no value on the emotions of a being who fails to exist turn a critical gaze toward it.

Our friend TheraminTrees has noticed this rather striking aberration as well.  He's undertaken an analysis of love which gods proffer, and once again, he demonstrates considerable insight in his investigation.

I should mention that this is Part One of a two-part video.  I'll keep an eye out for when the conclusion comes available.  Meantime, please enjoy.

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An interesting choice of words, considering that, regardless of which god we are dealing with, WE are the ones expected to be obsessed with what HE wants, sometimes to the exclusion of all else.  "You shall love the lord your god with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind."  Devotion is supposed to be absolute and without distraction or competition, as evinced by TT's reference to Matthew 10:37.

I can think of few things more unhealthy.

Well put, Loren.

Yes Loren, very unhealthy.

One of the reasons it's unhealthy is because it's impossible.  Loving god with all you heart, soul and mind is impossible.  

When I was on a mormon mission to convert those heathen scotts, we were often reminded of the mormon scripture which said "Therefore, O ye that embark in the service of God, see that ye serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength, that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day."  Impossible!!  And it caused me a great deal of stress that I couldn't do it.

Thinking back on this video, that whole "Can you feel it?" business is so pernicious.  It's as though that person thought he was stating something intuitively obvious when it was anything but and attempting to superimpose his vision on the class.  Indeed, it is very reminiscent of the story AronRa tells about his own numinous experience, and when he related it and his doubt to a believing friend, the friend's response was:

"Just keep telling yourself it's JEEZUS until you believe it!"

Beyond lame...

I love this analysis, very clear.

My first thoughts on filling in the end of the sentence:

god's love is like.....worse than satan's love.    

god's love is love at all.

Good answer.

"God's love" is god and no love.

(Just like "God's plan".) There's only what we humans create with and for each other -- which can be quite horrific when done with the certainty that it's RIGHT because it's in some god's name.

(I'll watch, or listen to, the video later.)




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