Just wondering what you thought about the "debate".

Depending on the news source - some say Romney did very well

while some say Romney lied throughout the "debate".

Any thoughts?


Romney gains ground on Obama after strong debate

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I agree sk8eycat - The League of Women Voters would do a much better job. A woman president - this will happen - I know it will.

And yes, on PBS - not on commercial TV.

Stretch your imagination and ponder the notion of an atheist candidate.  :0

"The Bible is not my Book and Christianity is not my religion.
I could never give assent to the long complicated statements
of Christian dogma."

Abraham Lincoln

Yes, a woman atheist candidate would do nicely.

Steph...This was actually the theme of a movie called  The Contender. But the candiate's atheism was barely mentioned, because the movie was about an incriminating sex video she allegedly made.

I have heard the name - will have to get that movie.

Religion has become so entwined with politics that you'd think we were elescting a Pastor in Chief instead of a President.  Ick.  Makes me wanna upchuck.

Part of the problem is the was history is NOT taught in our public schools.  The average adult has NO idea that NONE of the men who wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights believed in a "personal" god.  Some of the signers may have, but not Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, et al.  I think Adams 1 & 2 were Unitarians.

But what ALL of them believed in was a free and independent nation that was NOT under the invisible thumb of a supernatural being.  I'm surprised there haven't been more earthquakes in Virginia and other places where such giants are buried.

I agree...the Founders would be appalled. 

They didn't go far enough in forbidding Congress from establishing a state religion.  They should have prohibited the government from behaving AS IF there is a state religion - no prayers in public schools or at sessions of Congress, no ending speeches with "God bless..," no White House Christmas tree, etc. -- and certainly nothing about God in the Pledge of Allegiance. Putting God on the currency was a major slip-up. 

It's all just pandering to the overwhelmingly religious electorate.

God wasn't put on money, or in the pledge of allegiance until 1952, or 1953 when the U.S. was fighting the devil himself in the form of communism. I wonder how many other atheists see the cold war as a religious battle between good and evil.

Wake me when it's over.  This is not because I am not interested but because I am terrified this Tea Party bunch is going to take control of it all.

That would be the final collapse of the last pretense of democracy for the US.





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