Women Are Best at Being Social On Social Media

 Dr Ruth Page, of the Department of English, University of Leicester, has completed an extensive study of the use of social media

She found that there is a consistent difference in how women and men express themselves in social media sites, ... with women tending to disclose more about emotional topics and write about these in a more expressive way, for example with more emoticons, kisses and unconventional typography...

Has this been true here, in our social medium, with Atheist women and men?

I have a particular interest in visually rich communication such as emoticons and unconventional typography (such as the fonts in my welcome gifs), so I'm biased.
What do you think?

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I have given this some further thought and concluded that it certainly has validity. Furthermore, it's a validity that no one can rightfully challenge. It keeps life balanced. It puts flowers in my world, keeps my daughters dressing in more than just blue and gray suits with restrained neckties, keeps me from getting too complacently cerebral and pleases me more than my limited imagination warrants. 

An emoticon is a facial expression pictorially represented. For example, :)  is a smile. They evolved into smileys and then animated smileys such as

I don't know; maybe. The most I've really said over the past 36 hours is, "I'm crying". I suppose that's pretty emotional.

The article mentions "women tending to disclose more about emotional topics", not just that we do so with unconventional typography and emoticons.




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