The anniversary for 9/11 is coming up on Sunday.  It will be the 10th anniversary.

Do you remember what you were doing that day?

I was an undergrad in Chemistry class - -we had a quiz that morning. I remember like it was yesterday. 


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After the night shift I arrived home only to have my visiting niece say " A plane just hit the world trade center". My response was "Don't even joke about that". She said "If you don't believe me, turn on your TV!" When I did this I saw.the second plain strike the towers.
Oh wow.
I do appreciate the difference between plane and plain. These things my phone does not know and always attempts to send it's choice.

I know Clarence -- those phones like to spell check for you.  Mine does that too.: )

I had gotten to work that morning at 8 AM, nothing of note on NPR's Morning Edition, and prepped for the second day of teaching two students in the fine art of parametric test system troubleshooting.  Started class at 9 and taught until 10:30 when we took a break and I went online to see what was going on.  A friend almost immediately contacted me and told me that: "Someone has flown a plane into the World Trade Center!"  There wasn't time for much by way of details, but I was still thunderstruck by this news.

Still, I had two students, one Taiwanese, one Chinese, to teach about configuration files and calibration techniques, and I somehow managed to do that over the remaining four hours of the course.  I let them go early that day, though - my heart really wasn't in it.

I was able to catch up a little bit listening to NPR over lunch and after the class ended around 4 PM.  I remember meeting an associate in a corridor and commenting,

"I guess we're at war ... question is, with whom?"

I was in my graduate African American Women history  class.  When Regan was shot, they announced it over the loud speakers as I was walking across the gym in high school.  When John Lennon was shot, I was in music class.  My teacher folded herself in half and cried the whole hour.
I was in a PTO meeting at my sons' school.  We were in the empty library when one mom stepped out to call home for some reason.  When she came back to the library, she said "A plane ran into one of the World Trade Towers."  At the time we assumed it was a freak accident and went back to business.  It wasn't until the meeting ended over 90 minutes later that we were told what happened.  I remember the eerie feeling I had while driving home with no planes in the sky while hearing constant news reports on the radio, and then watching the replay of the plane crashes on TV.
I was at home with my 2 year old.  She had just finished an aggressive protocol for cancer a few months prior, so I was basking in finally living a normal life.  A neighbor called, and I turned on the news.  I then called my husband at work.  I was watching the news when the second plane hit the second tower.  My first reaction was "What are the odds of two accidents like that?"  I just couldn't believe it would be intentional.  I rarely watch television, but was glued to the TV that morning, until my daughter hobbled in the room and said, "Mama, you really like that show."  I shut off the TV and took her to the park.
My son was a month old so I was at home when my dad called to tell me what had happened.  I also had just tuned into the news right as the second plane hit.
Sure do!  I had just been home for an hour or so and was catching a nap before going to work at my second job, when my (ex-)boyfriend woke me up to tell me that my friend Barry was on the phone and was talking crazy-talk about airplanes blowing up the world trade center.  I told him to tell Barry I wasn't in the mood for jokes-I was trying to get some sleep.  A few minutes later Steve came back into the room and told me to get up and come see it on t.v.-I got into the living room just in time to see the jet collide with the  second tower.  It was so unreal!   For days after that I just felt like everything was in a fog!   

I'm a young kid... I was a sophomore in high school that day.  At that time in my life, I had a strong empathetic tie to people, or so it seems to me.  I woke up early that morning with a horribly upset stomach (later on, I figured out that it was when a lot of these terrorists were being checked in at the airports).  Since I didn't keep breakfast down, I stayed home, and attempted to go back to bed since that's closest to the bathroom.

My mom calls me from work to tell me to turn on the news - she heard that there was an accident with a plane and a building and wanted details.  I missed her first call because I cleaning up after being violently sick again.  Called her back, and she told me to turn on CNN and tell me what they're saying - she didn't believe a coworker telling her, and her company was a paranoid company and shut off personal internet use the moment that they could.  I told her all the details... only to miss the second plane crash because I was again heaving up everything possible. 


After that, I was perfectly fine, health wise.  Emotionally, I was behaving as if I knew someone there.  Surprisingly, the pentagon plane didn't bother me physically (if the other three incidents were actually something that bothered me), even though I had a cousin working in the building.  Turned out, he took the day off because it was so gorgeous so that he could ride around on his bike.  He most certainly would have died had he gone into work.

I was just getting to work at the print shop I worked at at the time.  Everyone had TVs on and hardly anyone was working (NOT usual).  I asked what was going on and my friend said, "Somebody bombed the World Trade Center."   We watched in disbelief as the second tower was struck and as they both collapsed.  A little later today, while everyone was voicing their fears about who was it, why, etc.  I specifically remember cynically stating that my biggest fear was that "I just hope Bush doesn't twist this into an excuse to invade Iraq and finish what his daddy couldn't."   Hmmm....  I wish I hadn't been right.


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