The anniversary for 9/11 is coming up on Sunday.  It will be the 10th anniversary.

Do you remember what you were doing that day?

I was an undergrad in Chemistry class - -we had a quiz that morning. I remember like it was yesterday. 


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Yeah, after that happened everything has changed.
I was at work. I was a phone surveyor that year. Can't get more embarrassing than calling people up to do stupid surveys on a day like that. Luckily we were sent home early.
I was getting ready for work.
I was in bed when my wife (then girlfriend) woke me up to tell me that a plane hit one of the WTC towers.  I was watching the news for about 10 minutes before the other plane hit.  So, long story short, I was sitting in my boxer shorts on the edge of my bed, when I realized that this wasn't just some horrible plane crash, this was so much bigger.
I was teaching high school science. The decision to send student home early was made, but because this required buses to come at an unexpected time, few students actually got home early who could not walk or take public transport. I can't forget one student, her face lit with joy, so excited to get out of school early. It struck me how not all of the students grasped what was happening.
Oh, Ruth!  I can't imagine what it would have been like having high school children in your care while learning such news.  I'm not surprised some were more excited about missing school... this news took a while to sink in with me.  It wasn't until my husband mentioned our dear friend (who is a NYC firefighter and used to work at the station adjacent to the WTC) that I even considered to call him.  It just didn't register.  I felt so bad that I forgot about him.  Turned out he was transferred to another station a few weeks prior, and didn't arrive at the scene until the 2nd tower collapsed.  He survived, yes, but he lost so many friends and fellow firefighters.  It was so difficult for him.
Ruth -- Yes, it's apparent that she did not really understand what was happening.  Maybe when she got home and actually saw it on TV that she realized the gravity of the situation.
Ruth. The same thing happened in at least one elementary school when the students were sent home after JFK was murdered.  They didn't grasp what had happened, they might not even have been told...just knew they were getting a day off.

I had the day off from work so I was sleeping in that morning. All of a sudden my dad bursts into my room yelling "WE'RE BEING ATTACKED!! GET UP!!!"


I LITERALLY jump out of bed, grab a bat I keep in my room and go running upstairs read to swing it over some peoples heads like there's no tomorrow only for my dad to point at the TV and say to watch it.

I had been employed as a Tool & Die Maker in an Easthampton, MA machine shop on the morning of Sept. 11th. Around mid-morning, a fellow worker who had a radio in his work area told me that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. From the way he described it, the incident sounded like an accident involving a small plane that had deviated from its flight path.


About half an hour later he came back to my corner to tell me that another plane had crashed into the second WTC tower. This time I went to his work area and listened to the radio coverage of the incident. By then, the station's regularly scheduled programs had been cancelled so that news coverage of the attack could continue uninterrupted. Soon afterwards, we were all told to go home so that we could follow the news on TV.


I got home around noon. Every TV station was reporting live on the situations in New York and Washington. I kept switching between news stations for the next six hours, trying to get the most detailed coverage of the afternoon's reports. All the while, I had my VCR taping continuously. By 6:00 p.m. I had had enough and switched off the TV. A great depression had come over me. A few months later I destroyed all the tapes I had recorded, deciding that they'd be too depressing to watch.

I didn't mention that my sons attended a Ukrainian Catholic school (K - 12 & Byzantine).  In spite of having TVs in many classrooms and many older students asking to watch the news coverage, they didn't allow it and didn't really talk about it at all - my sons shared this with me when I picked them up that afternoon.  Makes me wonder if the teachers didn't want to try to do damage control and try to explain why such a loving god would kill 3,000 innocent people......

I was still asleep. (I live on the West Coast...3-hr time difference) A friend who is more of a TV news junkie than I am called and just said, "Turn on the news!" and hung up.  So I turned on the local NBC station, and they were showing replays of various tapes of the obscenity.  By that time they had some idea of who had done it, and all I could think was, "They used planes full of passengers as bombs?!?  Unspeakable!"


Actually, I think it took days or weeks to grasp the horror completely.  If I ever did.


One of the best comments I saw was a photograph of both Towers engulfed in smoke, with a caption that read, "A Faith-Based Initiative"


PS: I was thoroughly disgusted with all the flag-waving that went on afterward...especially the car-window flags that I saw all over town.  And all the "foreign" shopkeepers felt it was necessary to put "God Bless America" stickers on their doors and windows to keep from being vandalized by "Real Amurricanz.".  That was depressing.


A lot of so-called patriots behaved abominably.

I'm still ashamed.



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