Do you see health care peing provided as a for profit buisness or as a not for profit agency?

Can the issue of health care be resolved not for profit in the USA?

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Absolutely not. Americans are adamantly dog-eat-dog individualistic, and why should health care be any different? Republicans would eliminate not only Medicare and Medicaid if they could get away with it, but also Social Security and Disability Income. They have very strong feelings that they EARNED their large incomes, (ignoring the fact that they did it on the backs of underpaid workers), and they feel that they deserve to keep ALL of what they perceive as THEIRS. There are certainly those who magnanimously give away part of their money (in return for plenty of publicity and pats on the back, and their name on buildings), but they feel this should be a personal choice, and not an obligation. Even the poor and middle class can be persuaded to vote against things that might cause the rich to be legally obligated to share -- witness Obama's proposed tax on those making over $250,000 a year, which would not have affected most people at all. Ryan's proposal to derail Medicare and Medicaid coupled with tax cuts for the rich was designed with the idea that more money for the rich would improve the economy, but that kind of idea has failed over and over again. The Republicans repeatedly and vocally call for cuts in govt. spending without addressing the revenue side of the equation at all, or even strongly rejecting it, and a one-sided equation just won't work. With the deficit being as high as it is, under Republican influence, there is not a chance that health care costs, especially the money siphoned off by for-profit insurance companies and hospitals, can be reined in.
Not in the USA... sadly the country seems to be going down the road to intellectual and eventually physical abyss. I like the system where you pay your medical professionals to keep you well and if you fall ill they not only provide their services and medicines for free, but they also pay you for the duration of your sickness.
Hey, where is that system used?
I'm not totally sure but I think traditional Chinese medicine was partially based on this virtue, but I don't know if it is still practiced in today's china, it might still be practiced in Bhutan? Perhaps the principle of ensuring correct incentives was part of Confucian state morality?
"Absolutely not. Americans are adamantly dog-eat-dog individualistic" I have to agree with Natalie. The mentality of survival of the fittest is the mindset and mixed with greed, it has created what we have and imo, will always have. From my perspective, what I don't understand is we all have to breathe good quality air, we all have to eat good food, we all need some sort of shelter and we all have to experience health to have a certain degree of quality of life, but these things, the needs that we all share in common, should somehow be considered worth competing for? Every human having access to it should be the starting point and then after that we can compete on who might attain more fame, notoriety or money from their talents.

To answer the question, healthcare should not be for profit. It should be a service that we are all entitled to because we are human and we need it to survive as a species.

Agreed, the basics should be collectively provided to every individual.


Everyone has many things to learn/receive from everyone, and few things to teach/give to all.

The only the way the US health care system can actually work is for it to become non-profit.  As long as you shuffle needed funds into CEO pockets and dividend holders, you won't be able to treat everyone.

I don't know enough about not for profit agencies to know.  I know that profit driven medical businesses get out of hand as they are run currently.  So, the question is, can profit based businesses be restructured to provide quality, economical healthcare, or would a not for profit setting make affordable healthcare possible. 


Not in the US and especially not when we have a critical shortage of physicians specializing in areas such as pediatrics, geriatrics, or even just a plain ol' general practice.


We're averaging barely 1% of our medical doctors pursuing these areas, the ones the US needs the most, because all of the rest get paid substantially better in areas such as cosmetic surgery.  Elective work like that are not, in general, covered by insurance and so the doctors are getting paid thousands of dollars directly.  Even if they finance, they sell the loans off and make their money that way.  Little Sue or Timmy with bronchitis... well the doctor can't, and probably won't, be charging thousands of dollars to cure.


So even if we switched to a purely non-profit medical system, we wouldn't have enough doctors, and probably not the necessary supportive staff either, to make it work.  In our capitalist economy, the majority favor whatever profession brings in the big bucks.

Doctors versus Lawyers. It seems the customers (patients) will be watching the chips fall......

I read this article a couple weeks ago:—-vermont


Looks like Vermont is following a decent path.  Don't listen to fox news.  Canada's health care isn't perfect, but it's a step in the right direction.

The VA system is a model that works and provides good quality  health care. After using the VA and the private sector health care, I think the VA is better.  I think one of the reasons is the VA is not in bed with the drug companies.  There you always get the cheapest drug or treatment. I think sometimes doctors are influenced or even paid by drug companies to prescribe medications which are much more expensive than what's actually needed.   I think drug companies have way too much influence on the health care industry and the administrators are weigh over paid compared to their actual work.  If you go to a hospital parking lot and find the nicest car, more often than not it belongs to an administrator not the best surgeon.


I'm tired so this may seem unimportant, but the VA is loads clearer than private sector hospitals.  I don't feel like I'm going to come home from the VA with a staff infection which is always a good feeling.  I don't need to ask when was the last time the floors were cleaned, because I can smell the disinfectant and see the workers cleaning.  I hate taking my kids to the doctor's office because they always come home sick from whatever the other kids had there.  I haven't had that experience with the VA.  The VA is usually very clean.  They have hand sanitizer and masks available all over the place.   It just seems like we could save a lot on health care if the facilities were actually simply much cleaner. 




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