Do you see health care peing provided as a for profit buisness or as a not for profit agency?

Can the issue of health care be resolved not for profit in the USA?

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You've obviously never been in a job without benefits that pays too poorly for people to AFFORD benefits. You've never been jobless. You've never been homeless, because you couldn't afford to pay the rent because you went bankrupt trying to pay medical bills. Please stop ranting senselessly about things you obviously know NOTHING about, since you've never been truly poor in spite of your own efforts. 

The insurance premium raises are because the insurance companies want to get theirs while the getting is good. It has nothing to do with Obamacare, which hasn't even gone into effect yet for the majority of the population you are ridiculing. Insurance companies are in it for PROFIT, and who are they going to make the profit off of, if not YOU?

Actually, your assessment. of what I've been never been through re: bankruptcy and unemployment and oh yeah, homelessness. (really? ) is off the mark and rather off the topic.
You can't follow the thread can you.  She wasn't referring to you.  If you notice she was responding to Tonya.

I will admit that the Obama plan was so half assed that it isn't doing what it should but, how do you know this is benfitting the lazy?

Strontium 90 and Cesium 137 were in Chernobyl fall out. They are radioactive products of nuclear fission. Yes , because of the hazard in this case it would serve one not to eat such elements. But what about radioactive seed implants Mr professor? Give it a rest


Maybe you should learn how to follow threads before engaging in them.  Or was that just supposed to be general condensation?  I guess that means if you get caner you will refuse radiation treatment even if it will save you life. 

I wonder if you have had x-rays done.
Guess wrong. Read some one else's palm.
So what you are saying is that you are inconsistent.
The health care system in this country does some things like MRI and other forms of radiology exceedingly well. These things help physicians and surgeons practice medicine most effectively when these forms of radiology are used properly. From my perspective as a patient I have had a few panaramic dental x-rays as well as MRI to determine the nature of a condition which skill and some degree of timely intervention and research has actually turned around.
It was a rare condition which could only be treated when it had progressed to the point of threatening surrounding tissue and bone. This meant the intervention which required multiple surgeries was not done until I had moved out of work which provided health benefits and into work allowing me to pay for it with cash.
Had I been mentally. unable to assist in my care and follow up, by standing firm on what came into and out of my mouth and it's vacinity the outcome may have required massive reconstruction and resection of bone. Taking an interest in my condition aided the doctors in treating the condition. Loosing hope and floundering in despair looked like a bad choice. I avoided that.
Had a similar experience?



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