Taking a pleasant stroll in the city? Read this first.

Bacteria from Dog Feces Present in Outdoor Air in Urban Areas

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Wow, I find that VERY hard to believe. If it is true, then the solution might be for someone to invent a canine friendly flushable toilet to place in the bathroom.


Ruth, get a life.


I have so much other 'bullshit' to worry about that I don't have the energy to worry about that 'dogshit'. What? You want me to go 'apeshit'? That's just 'chickenshit', man!
BTW. Ruth, I didn't mean to sound flippant or to minimize this issue. I was just kidding around and agree that it could potentially be a significant one.
This is why cats and their people own the soap in GOTHAM!
Clarence -- I love cats too -- love your comment.
The article you mentioned missed the fact that leaf blowers and weed eaters spread fecal mater.

Power mowers can pulverize and broadcast dogshit like they were designed for that purpose.  Dogshit bacteria in the air is waaa-aay down on my list of shit to worry about.

Lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and weed eaters probably spread considerable mold and bacteria in the air too. My neighbor mowed the weeds in front of her house along the gravel parking area. I started coughing and sneezing for hours and ended up buying hepa filters for  my house at a cost of about $160 (for 3 filters). I worked with a guy who had to abandon his house at a total loss because of mold. His wife came down with some kind of non-specific lung condition and almost lost her job due to the illness. He ripped out the sheetrock, insulation, flooring, and it was all the way to the framing. By the time the clean up was over it cost more than the lot was worth. He ended up buying another house while trying to figure out what to do with the damaged house.

Unidentified pollutants such as bacteria and mold may turn on disease that would otherwise lay dormant such as MS, or MD. The thing about dog feces it it should be cleaned up the the dog owner. Dog owners who don't do so should be fined.

Lawns are one of the biggest water wasters in the suburbs and should be replaced with xeriscape

um if you dont  want to breathe it why not just clean it up
no i didn't. i didn't mean to tell any one what do. i sincerely hope the everyone of us cleans  up after our pets. as atheists we better understand responsibility that much. but it seems to me if you want to live in a clean city, it might be a good idea to clean up after others as well. if your city is dirty with trash, dog poop, or even uncut grass, it might be a good idea to clean it up. then other  people might think twice about making it dirty in the first place
Too many people have dogs without knowing the first clue about how to take care of them. You can train a dog to go not only in just your yard but in just one section of your yard - a potty spot! If you spend a lot of time at dog parks and the dog has to go, a responsible owner will bring along some plastic bags. Turn the bag inside out, pick up the poop and then turn the bag right-side in and tie! It's easy! If that sounds icky, you could always take a pooper-scooper with you. Some of them can be used one-handed - easy-peasy. There's just no excuse for letting your dog use the world as its toilet and then refuse to pick up after it.



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