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Bacteria from Dog Feces Present in Outdoor Air in Urban Areas

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Oh, I almost forgot. This doesn't apply to inner cities where everyone rents but if you own your own home, you can build a doggie septic system. Do a search for "dog compost" and you can find instructions. Basically you just take a large trash can, cut the bottom out, drill holes in the sides, dig a hole in the ground to put the can in, put rocks in the bottom, then the dog waste, then some once a month septic starter, then put the lid on. Now you have some place other than a landfill to put the waste. Just be careful of where you dig to avoid human septic fields, power lines, etc. You can even get your dog to help you dig :)

Maybe a dog license should be issued to the dog owner requiring the dog owner to demonstrate skill, knowledge and responsibility. It seems to me that most dog owners shouldn't have a dog for various reasons mainly related to neglect. I wonder how many people in cities or suburbs walk their dog adequately. I hate seeing people run with their dog, or use a bicycle causing heat exhaustion. It's rare to see a dog owner have water available for their dog.  My neighbor has a dog I've never seen and only hear wining. I think they have a shock collar on it with a anti-bark sensor. The backyard stinks of urine and has quite a few flies because it only urinates in one place right next to the back corners of our two houses where my outdoor table is. 


Here's an ethics question about dog ownership: If while walking a friend’s dog as a favor, someone neglects to take the agreed-upon precautions – and if as a result the dog breaks free and mauls another dog – who is responsible for the damage? The dog walker or the dog owner?

My suggestion about licensing dog owners was in reply to your:
Too many people have dogs without knowing the first clue about how to take care of them
In Austin, TX the parks usually have those stands with the plastic bags to pick up after your pet.  I will sometimes see people walking their dogs in the neighborhood with a plastic bag in hand to pick up after the dogs.  However, I'm not sure all dog owners are actually using the bags to pick up after their pets.  Maybe if more dog owners were to use the bags, then the bacteria from the feces would not be a problem.
One word---composting!
In another 50 years, that will become second nature. Everyone will be growing 50% of their own food through subsistence farming because energy, formerly available in cheap abundance with fossil fuels, will be too expensive for today's vast pan-regional markets.
The garbage company in the town I live in began composting food from restaurants. They've gotten the formula down well enough that they can even compost meat. They are still working on state licensing before allowing curbside residential food composting. The garbage company has some food bins available for residences to drop off food for composting.  It shouldn't be long before they'll be able to compost feces. If diapers were made with a corn based plastic using a water polymer absorbent and other biodegradable materials even baby diapers would be compost-able.
You are a good protagonist.
What a great idea! But wait a minute...what about:
a) the Catholic Church and birth control
b) the Evangelical "rapture jockeys" who don't care about "this world"
c) the godless fornicators (let's hear it for all the fornicating atheists---hip-hip-hooray)
d) the generally self-centered, clueless "Thursday-bowling-leaguers-of-the-world" (no offense if you bowl for "Murray's Dry Cleaners Free Thinkers" or something)
Here's a link to a discussion I started on another atheist forum. What Happened to the Zero Population Growth Movement.
Seriously...of course, you're 100% right about the issues.
After thought: Wouldn't it be great if the current political crowd of "No Spending Unless You Can Pay For It" types felt the same way about environmental impact and global resources too?
No Environmental Deficit Spending!

When Florida and NYC are underwater because of rising sea levels the climate change deniers might think it would have been less expensive to prevent the problem.

Norfolk VA is feeling the pinch. along with quite a few island nations.

well, here in japan we have declining population. and there is an over abundance of old, noncontributing people, like myself. of course, if the government wud just open up immigration a little, it seems there are a hell of a lot of peoplw who want to come here. so the problem wud vanish.

interestingly, it seems many young japanese are simply not interested in propagating. marriage rates are way down. i've seen a study done in which healthy young japanese men were asked, "if an appealing woman asked you to take her home for fun and games wud yu do it?" 1/3 said no. there has been no abstinence campaign here, so presumably these men have seen there parents lives and there grandparents lives and decided to opt out of the game.



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