Early Black Friday Sales Starts turn Thanksgiving into Black Thursday

Last year I posted about the new Black Thursday.
Looks like it is on again this year as well.

Will you avoid the shopping?


New early 8pm Black Friday sales start time on Thanksgiving Day trigger controversy and petitions.

Nov 13 2012, 6:01am CST | by Luigi Lugmayr

Black Friday Sales have been creeping into Thanksgiving Day over the last years. This year marks yet another shift to earlier Black Friday sales start times. Last year it was 10pm Thanksgiving Day...

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I don't do holiday shopping or gift exchanges. My husband and I don't exchange gifts, but will sometimes bring home little gifts when we see something the other one might like. I already sent my mother a gift that I bought online so I'm done for the year. Material goods don't show love. My husband makes me feel loved every day of the year....no piece of jewelry is worth more than that!

Pamela, that is such a true statement.Thanks for replying to my discussion.

You have a wonderful hubby.

Material goods don't show love.

Right Pat. Next year they might start Black "Friday" on Wednesday.

I've heard that "Reason for the Season" crap and it irks me. We know that materialism in the true reason for the season.

It's all about getting you to spend more money.

I guess I'm still a stodgy old engineer.  Here I thought the 23.5 degree tilt of the earth on its rotational axis was the "reason for the season."

Silly me.

Kinda like this, huh Loren.

I love that Tony!


I have a friend I work with, a nurse, who is planning for Black Thursday/Friday like Ike planned the D-Day invasion. She goes on endlessly about it, actually trading days, even a few hours off so she can hit this store at such a time, that store another. Is travelling up to 75 miles for one place. Having an abreviated dinner with her family, sending her eldest daughter and son to different stores to stay in line for her. She is carrying all the circulars with her, pulling them out when she gets a free moment to plan some more. We all look at her like 'wtf ?' but she just plows ahead. Unbelievable.

Hmm, obsessed much?

I wouldn't be too hard on the nurse. She's probably mostly driven by a need to show her love for relatives and friends through gifts. Remember that for some people gift giving is their primary Love Language (Gary Chapman). When money's short, this elaborate effort could be an extraordinary attempt to do the very best she can to express her gratitude and love. Not everyone is just driven by greed or a need to own stuff.

She's well integrated into the consumer culture in which she lives.

While I echew those values I can have some sympathy for people in their grip.

Wow! She goes through all that Tony? It sounds like she made it a job. Yuck!

There is a Change.Org online petition you can sign against Target doing this. I did.




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