Early Black Friday Sales Starts turn Thanksgiving into Black Thursday

Last year I posted about the new Black Thursday.
Looks like it is on again this year as well.

Will you avoid the shopping?


New early 8pm Black Friday sales start time on Thanksgiving Day trigger controversy and petitions.

Nov 13 2012, 6:01am CST | by Luigi Lugmayr

Black Friday Sales have been creeping into Thanksgiving Day over the last years. This year marks yet another shift to earlier Black Friday sales start times. Last year it was 10pm Thanksgiving Day...

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Wow! She goes through all that Tony? It sounds like she made it a job. Yuck!

There is a Change.Org online petition you can sign against Target doing this. I did.



Thank you John I will follow the link and sign.
I agree Booklover! Consumerism!

My wife and I haven't spent one Christmas together in 20 yrs.  She chooses to work (Double time +Holiday pay).  I am behind her 100%!  She works in a nursing home in activities (She gets to play)!!  Spending time w/ the elderly trumps ANY materialistic crap!  Why celebrate when they all converge on each other and the advertising gets so confusing, you loose interest and the result is just another day!  Besides our favorite holiday is Halloween!!  We enjoy scaring people!!

My favorite holiday is Halloween too!! I like the fun of it.

When it reaches Black Halloween, at least the name will be more appropriate.


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