Tonight, "celebrate your action for the planet with the people of world by switching off your lights for an hour."

The official Earth Hour video.

We will be turning off our lights. How about you?

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Yep! 1 hour of cuddling and smooches in the dark. <3

Thanks for sharing Ruth!  My family thinks this is another one of my crazy ideas, but I think I'm winning them over to it. ;-)

If I were home, yes, the lights would be off. I will be at my boyfriend's and he isn't into all the "Earth Day" stuff, but I will slowly win him over ;) The plus side is that if I mention it to his 16 year-old daughter, who waffles between 'reducing, reusing, recycling' and not, she will probably get excited about it and flip off every light.

I'm sure if I asked my sons to participate at home, in my absence, they would do it. They are Earth-conscious and atheists, as well :)

Sarah, thanks for the great idea! <3

Thanks for the heads-up, Ruth!


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