And now for something completely different ... from VC's 1, 2, and 3, that is.  I must admit that the overall concept took me a bit by surprise, even though I KNEW there was going to be an electronic accompaniment.  I will also admit not to liking this as much as the previous efforts.

Still ... this is WHITACRE ... and a bunch of people from all over the world ... doing something TOGETHER ... something positive and artful and pretty damned amazing.  From where I sit, that deserves some notice and some props ... because what you have here are:

8,409 Videos submitted by a total of 5,905 Singers, representing 101 Countries.

Eric, the stage is yours.

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Don't you think the huge list of names at the end of this video were the singers? 

ie. the vocals were from live people, not virtual.

Yes, the people are real. The choir is "virtual" because they're not actually singing together at the same place and time.

Worthy of note:

Many participants submitted more than one video, particularly in VC2, 3, and 4.  Virtual Choir 4 is particularly notable for the first DEAF participant!  She SIGNS the words, and may be seen roughly 3:32 into the piece.

Novel, creative. But I could do without the supernatural virtual entity and half the video being a boring list of names. Thanks for sharing. It is a next step in image complexity.

Those names at the end were the participants, the people who sang, the people who created the video and the support personnel who got the bucks together to make that video possible.  If Eric chooses to honor them, it's because he knows that, without them, he hasn't got a performance, let alone a video.

As for the animated character, that's a reference to the work this song comes from: Paradise Lost: Shadows and Wings, an opera / musical he put together I think about ten years ago along with David Noroña.  Though it's had limited runs in a couple of venues, it has garnered a raft of award nominations and award wins for its LA release.

If it sounds like I'm being a bit vociferous in defending Eric, it's because I AM.  The man has just about revolutionized choral music.  He has reintroduced the idea of MELODY to a classical music scene which has become too much about 12-tone and music more for musicologists than for audiences.  Kids LOVE his stuff, perhaps more than the adults do, and as an indicator of the regard choral directors have for his music, works such as "Sleep," "Water Night" and "Cloudburst" are quickly becoming standard repertoire.  Add to that, he INNOVATED the concept of the Virtual Choir and has created sufficient excitement in that concept that this latest incarnation saw nearly 6,000 singing participants from over 100 countries.

So yeah, I'm a fan.  I also respect what he's done and what it's taken to create this whole business.

I've been to hell and back with these Cancer Cilling Cocktails and this video refreshes my soul! Such lovely music and vivid colors, how can one let a few chemicals get in the way of enjoying life!? I'm almost half way through the treatments; if I have survived this far, the rest is coasting. 

My garden has burst into absolutely splendid displays of roses and lilies and all kinds of colors and textures and one weed stands 12 feet tall. Have to cut it back before it reseeds the entire south hill of Spokane. 

Thanks Loren for the refreshing uplift!




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