Do you feel cosmopolitan while eating General Tso's Chicken, Cashew Chicken or nachos? Think you have a varied palate? Some of our most beloved ethnic cuisine is America invention.

5 Beloved Ethnic Foods Invented for Americans

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Taste good though, no matter which origin they have. Have also heard that chop suey is an American invention. Oh yes, and Glasgow, Scotland claims to be home to that popular Indian dish, chicken tikka masala.

I think chop suey was invented in Stockton, CA in the late 1800s by a Chinese cook  (or one of his descendants) who had been brought over here to work (as near slave labor) on the first transcontinental railroad. After the railroad was finished, many of the Chinese settled in the central Valley, became farmers and shopkeepers.

Ke'chup was a Chinese-American invention, too.

At least that's the legend I heard and read.


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