Has evangelical Christianity lost sight of Christ?  Seems to me that there are a whole lot of evangelical Christians who are presuming to represent Jesus by not representing him or misrepresenting him or – let's be honest here – talking out of their individual and collective asses about him and his supposed holy book.  I can't help but notice that Franklin Graham has recently demanded that presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg "repent" for being gay when the carpenter-turned-rabbi never said word one about homosexuality, and this is only one example among entirely too many.

Well, it seems as though I'm not the only one who has noticed this trend.  America's Best Christian, Betty Bowers, has also observed this aberrant behavior and has registered her POV about it all with some particularly offensive offenders.  You might want to give a listen.

Have You Had YOUR Betty Today?

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I have long used the term “Old Testament Christians” to refer to Franklin Graham and the others Betty named, though it seems like a contradiction, like “right-handed southpaws” or “theoretical physicists”.

Love the part about it being tough to defend White Supremacy with such a swarthy savior.

Very true, Ruth.  I mean:


"Your hobby is preaching about healing and helping. Ours is about... homosexuality and abortion."

Apropos: "This is what abortion politics is for" (evangelicals changing the subject and reclaiming "moral superiority" after abysmally failing the moral tests of the Civil Rights era)

They are a dog that found their bone, GC, and they'll be damned (perhaps literally!) if they let go of it.  The biggest problem these days is that they've got cover from Dolt 45, and the current spate of "Heartbeat bills" are clear evidence of it.  The question now is whether Justice Roberts will swing a 5-4 decision in favor of Roe v Wade or not.

I mean, does stare decisis mean anything or doesn't it?

I love this woman.

Betty is great fun, isn't she?  [grin!]

"Franklin Graham has recently demanded that presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg "repent" for being gay when the carpenter-turned-rabbi never said word one about homosexuality."

Perhaps that should read, "presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg should 'rejoice' for being gay," as he is made as god designed!

Funny thing – I don't see Graham getting on Trump's case for being a womanizing, pussy-grabbing, white-supremacist-supporting jackass, though.  WHYIZZAT???

Trump nominates the right judges and justices to reinforce corporate and white Christianist supremacy. All else is forgiven if he advances their power grabs.

Hopefully in 2020, we'll have a Democratic Senate and president as well as the House, and we'll be able to ENLARGE THE SUPREME COURT and circuit courts. (The number nine is set by statute; it's changed before and can change again.) We'll be able to dilute the christofascists into a permanent minority.




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