Two days ago I took 125 mg of Lyricia, a medication for nerve pain, at bedtime. The next day no amount of tea could wake me up. I made stupid second-grader mistakes, regressed and unproductive. When I saw this LOL, I couldn't stop laughing.

funny pictures - OK.
see more Lolcats and funny pictures, and check out our Socially Awkward Penguin lolz!

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Cats are very aware and rule with only 1 metaphor; their presence.
Those Lolcats are the best!  They can lift your mood from when you're having a bad day.  Yes, I've had days when I'm not feeling well that I don't feel like I'm "all there".  Hope you're on the mend!
This happens to me consistently after a really bad hangover.  Probably from lack of water... totally know where this kitten is coming from hahah.


This is how my day went yesterday.  While winching up my trailer, that this loader was on, my trailer slid sideways, and dumped the loader.  Need I say more?

Hi Mac, I guess you must have had a load (er) on your mind : )



Well, there was the time while on a cruise ship holiday when I took stugeron forte to prevent sea sickness.

I couldn't tell the ships purser what cabin I was in - I kept reversing the numbers (No I don't suffer from dyslexia). My wife banned me from taking the drug ever again!




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