Sometimes I get the impression that atheists hide behind a facade of intellectualism, by choosing longer than necessary words and/or sentences. For example we have "discussions" (three syllables) where MySpace has "threads" (one syllable).

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I think you're right.  It's not just atheists who do it.  I had a very good friend who loved to hide behind excess verbiage and long words.  Most people didn't have a clue what she was saying and thought she was stuck up. 
She was just really insecure and used large words in order to feel better about herself.  Mainly, it just served to alienate people and didn't aid communication at all.  She was a uber christian.  Communication problems are universal.
There are some who might, but some just have an extensive vocabulary and don't know how to speak any different. And also, there are some who are on the other spectrum and use everyday, average language to make their point. As long as they are getting their point across, it doesn't matter to me how they convey it. I'm getting the impression you are saying they are coming off as arrogant, which could be the case, but what problem does that present if the message is coming across?

Sometimes excessive verbiage is interpreted as arrogance, and feeds the Arrogant Elitist Atheist stereotype. One thing I learned studying how to write fiction is that your writing gains power when you prune out the excess and speak succinctly. We often don't do that here at AN.


Succinctness requires a good vocabulary.
I quite agree. In vocabulary, depth of reserves does not require mandatory deployment.
It's not just atheists. I also like the sign warning about sharp edges.
So are you saying that the point gets lost in the verbiage?
Alysn, not to pull noodles from your bowl (I just made that up, good?), but that comment was very verbose!
But all of what you said was relevant, and *smile* self-deprecating humor is icing on the cake. I'm happy to have members contribute with Zork verbosity set to maximum compared to the hidden iceberg mass of lurkers, too shy to make themselves heard. You're *here* for us, adding new thoughts to our lives. They're hidden. You're easy to love, Alysn Ford.
Have you read some of the "threads" on "MySpace"? There is a good reason they are not called "discussions".
My guess is it's because complete thoughts come in the form of whole cloth, not threads.
Those who are intelligent, and have large vocabularies, should hide these qualities. I ain't sh***tin you!




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