Nice example of what happens when a tipping point's crossed.

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Thanks for the informational video. I love learning!

Wow!  It was cool to see how powerful the iceberg was when it fell.  I have had a few experiences in nature where I have yelled like that... just being in the right place to observe something so powerful.  Thanks for sharing!

Holy moly, this thing is going up on facebook. No such thing as global warming my ass.


After watching this video, I had to search for information about the "life" cycle of a glacier, as I was wondering if this was a natural part of a glacier's movement.  I found this great little tutorial.  It's very basic, but I'll be sure to use it in my science classes.

(I should point out that I am by no means a global warming naysayer, but this might actually just be a natural part of the glacier's life.)

Fine smarty pants. ;-) Maybe one example doesn't prove the case. But the totality of the evidence is undeniable.


I agree! (Not that I'm a smarty pants, but that it is more about the rate of occurrences than one example.) ;-) After watching the video, my first response was, "Why would they be happy about this??" but then I thought regardless of the cause (a cyclical part of nature vs. an example of climate change) it would be pretty amazing to experience in person.

Here's another "occurrence". Enjoy :-)

Interesting calving event, thanks.




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