exposing abuse | Jehovah’s Witnesses on trial | part 1 (TheraminTrees)

There really is no other way to say it: prepare to be revolted, disgusted, and made sick to your stomach.  Our good friend, TheraminTrees has had a considerable look at a recent commission executed by the government of Australia, digging into various incidences of child abuse in that country.  In particular, TT put his attention on "Case 29," regarding allegations of abuse by the Jehovah's Witnesses.  What was revealed in those hearings was not just systemic coverups, but practices aimed solely at the protection of the organization, blaming the victims, and an utter failure to rectify, correct, or in any way render justice for those who were abused.  Sound familiar?

What I personally find more disturbing is this thought: if such events are going on in Australia, they are almost certainly happening anywhere the JWs are active, including the United States.  Yet, even in the face of well-publicized reports, first in Boston back in 2002 and last year in Pennsylvania, I haven't heard a damned thing about the US Department of Justice doing any kind of investigation into ANY kind of systemic child abuse here ... and I have to wonder why not.

The following isn't pretty but I think it's important as hell, and I urge you to give it audience.

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Tried this, but can't listen......

Here is a link to the YouTube page itself.  Maybe this will work better.

No I meant I can't....unable......its too graphic after the first several minutes.....I had to stop.

My apologies, Patricia. This is some pretty ugly shit, for sure.

Yes, & the older I get, the less I can read/hear/see these things. I feel sick, very angry, & totally pissed off at everyone who commits these things, as well as the ones who don't lay huge charges & make them stick.

Then my pet peeve…...getting religion off that bloody above the law pedestal!!!

Loren, as so often in the past, you present a cogent, powerful explanation of processes of Jehovah's Witnesses and of the dynamics of child sexual abuse in general. You could have changed the name to "The Evangelical Presbyterian Church on Trial" for the dynamics of child and wife mental and physical abuse. The principles apply.

As you and old-timers may remember, I wrote my master's thesis, "Toward a Theory of Family Violence: Its Antecedents, Treatment, and Prevention," and my doctoral dissertation, "A Splendid Heresy." Through all this didactic effort, I could define and describe family violence. I could not heal my spirit of being a victim.

Again, I thank you. 

Patricia, I know this is difficult for you to watch and perhaps you need not subject yourself to such atrocities. May I ask that if you hear someone's story about this kind of abuse you take them, by hand if necessary to someone who will listen and stand with the victim until that child or adult can stand on their own. I know that is a lot to ask, but if only one person had done that for my grandmothers, mother, my children, or for me we could have put an end to such treatment much earlier. My son-in-law and the partners of my granddaughters all assure me there would be no such treatment in their families. As it turns out, abuse was not a stranger to them. Our generations stopped the centuries-old processes. 

The very first emotional support I received was from Loren, Daniel, Ruth, Dr. Meaden, Ian, and Spud. Their words of encouragement made it possible to stop being a victim and to become not only a survivor but a thriver. The old-timers will remember the tone and timbre of my writing and can tell you I am not that wounded soul trying to make sense of my experience. 


Don't thank me for this one, Joan; thank TheraminTrees.  He did the grunt work.  I just posted his video with some comments.

Ah, Loren, you don't realize how comforting and enlightening you were to me and it is to those qualities of yours that I want to thank.

Joan, being your friend has been one of the greater pleasures I've associated with my time on A|N.  You were and are more than welcome!

I was a sexually molested kid, as well as an abused one, Joan, so I know how it feels even though mine was not to the extent most are.

I don't know anyone who has admitted any problem, & I don't go around asking. I will lend an eat to anyone who wishes to talk to me, but I never push.

I know you to be a wise woman, and you will lend a hand if someone talks to you. Thank you for being you!

Thanks, Joan.




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