We need to focus on the institution, not the individual priests. Practice and policy; show me the church manipulated the system so that these guys wouldn't have to face charges, show me they put those same priests back into parishes time and time again. Show me this was systemic, that it came from the top, down.
-- Marty Baron, Former Boston Globe Executive Editor, as cited in the movie Spotlight

That was the Roman Catholic Church that the Globe was investigating. As it turns out, the Jehovah's Witnesses of Australia were just as thoroughly corrupt, only in this case, it was not a newspaper but a special judicial commission which was digging into child abuse by that organization. As reported here by TheraminTrees, that corruption was revealed to be pervasive and systemic, with many of its high-ranking officials apparently unwilling to face up to their culpability in the cases of victims "BCB" and "BCG." While TT doesn't get into the consequences faced by those JW personnel involved, I would suspect that the local media exposure alone would make for considerable if insufficient punishment.

Again, it's not easy to watch or listen to the following. I still think it's worth the time spent.

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