This captures my opinion of Facebook. AN is so much better.

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Except I can keep up to date with family and friends who are not atheists on Facebook. I can't claim they agree with my thinking, they do, however, seem to read what I write. 

Here, I can use the "like" buttons (or post discussions and replies, and interact in general) without building up a profile connected to my real name to be sold to marketers, insurance companies, and so forth.

I feel freer here.

Grinning Cat, you are very wise to think in terms of your profile that will surely spread everywhere when posted on Facebook. 

I agree, Ruth, that freedom from being profiled is a responsible goal. 

I have an axe to grind and a chip on my shoulder that I dare others to try to knock off. Being an elder gives me more freedom to speak my mind and not be afraid of consequences to my employment, I am retired. And I am having more fun being open and honest even as I reach for greater freedom for others who do not believe there is evidence of any god. If enough of us old critters take a public stand, and make clear why we take our stand, younger folks will be able to stand on their principle. It would be irresponsible for a person working to support a family to be open about being an atheist, and their time will come when they, too, can publicly proclaim their beliefs. 




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