Fukushima nuclear reactors deemed stable

The Fukushima Daiichi reactors are in “a state of cold shutdown,”...

*Big sigh of relief*

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sorry, its a big ass LIE! we got at least three cores, mebey 6, because of the reserve ponds, that are still in a state of melt down.  there outer  shells may have cooled, but inside they are all still molten, and creating new radioactive elements.  rt aftyer the "cool shutdown" was announced they "found " a new hightly radioactive mass of water that had collected in yet another tunnel. the truth is no one has any idea whats going on in there. the cores have dropped and are in the concrete at the bottom on the reator.  there are no sensors there. so nothing is known about these cores except the the upper crust where the water touches it must have cooled to a temperature of about 100 C. that tell us nothing about the center of the core. if these core melt thru the concrete, no one knows what will happen, but a huge explosion is possible.

these cores are radioactive element factories, and theyve been at work since march 11.  so it seems to me and im no scientist, that the first radioactive elements to be made cud have been even further remade again and again.  so we prolly have new elments the entire universe has not seen before.

So you're saying that the center of the cores is not cool enough to prevent a chain reaction?

A cold shutdown normally means a nuclear reactor's coolant system is at atmospheric pressure and the its reactor core is at a temperature below 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius), making it impossible for a chain reaction to take place.

They did say they can't measure the temperature deep inside. I don't understand this definition from Time. My idea of chain reaction initiation is that you just have to get the right concentration of radioactive elements in a small enough space. I never heard of chain reactions needing pressure or temperature. For example, if you toss a pile of plutonium together, at room temperature and pressure, you will get a chain reaction. Perhaps they assume the configuration of an intact reactor of a particular design for this definition. But these reactors, and the overloaded ponds, are anything but at design specs now.

In any case we've seen a consistent pattern of misinformation from TEPCO and the Japanese government, always under reporting, since this crisis began. So I see your point, Carl.

needing pressure or temperature

They constitute the fundamentals to all chemical reactions.

no one knows the pressure of the inside mof the core. no one lknows the thickness of the cooler hard shell of the core. ive heard 2800 degrees c as the temp or the original melt down to occur,  but the inside of the co0re cannot be checked for temp.

Dear TNT666, there are three kinds of change:

physical change such as melting ice

chemical reaction such as TNT detonation

nuclear reaction such as fission or fusion.


This isn't a chemical reaction, although chemical reactions do also occur as a result.

ALL those reactions are subject to pressure and temperature.

ha ha just read the time article. inside the pressure vessel the temp is 70 degrees c, it said. so what?  all the radioactive plutonium or uranium left the pressure vessel on march 11 and 12. im confused tho. to get steam they must add water, but the pressure vessel has a hole in it where the melt flowed thru, so they must be recording the ambient temp inside the "pressure" vessel.  there is no pressure there.

thing is TEPCO, the gov and the beurocrats, are like a tripod.tepco hires a huge number of retired beurocrats (sp) and gives a lot of money to alll political parties except, of course, the japan comunist party. so none of them want a change.  70% of the people here want to stop nuclear power, even if that causes power outtages.

You have inside knowledge since you live in Japan - thanks for the update Carl.

well even tepco scietists have said that the inside of the cores are prolly molten.  prolly cause they cant check it. but a core, once melted is, i believe self sustaining and until some action from outside is taken will not stop. so the inside temp wud be 2800 degrees C, since theres nothing there to cool it. above it theres prolly hot water which cools the further you get from the core, giving the "under 100 degrees' at the point, far away where the temperature sensor is, and below the core there is concrete, i hope lots of concrete, but we havent been told the thickness of it. this concrete would be cold far away from the core, but near it, wud, i imagine, be hot perhaps very hot. the cooled shell wud be thinner at the bottom of the core, because the concrete wud insulate it, thus hotter. its very heavy material, im told, and so it will gradually sink thru the concrete, until it hits earth, or i guess it may stop at some point.  we dont know and it seems no one does, least of all our prime minister.  this has never hasppened before, so we dont know.

From what I've read, an explosion similar to Chernobyl isn't considered possible because of a lack of graphite. If containment is breached, radioactive elements would get directly into local groundwater. I'd read years ago that exposure to groundwater could cause radioactive steam to be released, but this mess is already continually drenched in water, and radiation release dropped. So I don't anticipate any big event that's easy to see in the event of a breach. Hidden groundwater contamination might go undetected for a while without the public noticing, unless monitoring wells are already in place.

radiation realease dropped according the the liars. they do selective monitoring, discardind the high results and selecting the lowest. the japanese gov/TEPCO has no credibility here in japan, none!!!

Thanks for the news.  I hope it is true.  Why are we not being told how much extra radiation we have each absorbed, and will continue to absorb because of this predictable tragedy.  There is an atheist group here that proclaims their love of nuclear power.  F*&^k  those pie in the sky fools!




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