Fukushima nuclear reactors deemed stable

The Fukushima Daiichi reactors are in “a state of cold shutdown,”...

*Big sigh of relief*

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sorry greenpeace got enuff to do runnin aroun wif gieger counters

ture that but it was purty subtle. thjee were a few well plasced blackouts, and a few  people died that wud have lived if only we had nuke power. of course nuke power was sold as being very cheap. never free, as i was told by scietists in the US in the 50s.

then too only a few japanese were radiated by the bombs.

The very concept of modern humanity has become dystopian. We are a schizo species. We express great pride in our achievements, while at the same time becoming less and less Homo sapiens, from a biological perspective. I heard a good analogy yesterday... In the sense that concentrated big banks are "too big to fail", human knowledge has become "too big for humans". We are completely disconnected from what it means to be alive, but we are so weak as to be entirely dependant for life upon our toys and our technologies are mostly beyond the reach of the average human, and the gap is growing.

Japan uses disposable people, transients, uneducated, completely untrained day labor to clean up nuclear spills.  As Carl Pastor said they are temps, fired, and not tracked.  If this is the attitude toward safety and reporting, how honest do you think they are being overall?

not very. im constantly surprised that japanese are still eating fish, but they are. the vast maj of radiation has been released into the ocean. fish are impossible to track, and only a frew are ever tested. sure consumption may be down a lil, but not by much. i just watched a documentary of kesnenuma, a town destroyed by the tsunami. it had one inc]dustry fishin and fish processing. nothing has been done to revive the industry there. it isnt even cleaned up. and its not radiated junk. the program said we shud do more to revive it. i say why?

Japanese culture prefers large sized long-lived fish, those very fish with high mercury levels. There is always a cognitive disconnect in societies regarding their preferences and their associated dangers... look how long it took to get smoking bans in North America. Scientists have known since the 1950s that smoking nicotine kills the smoker and those around him, yet society did nothing.

I suspect the Japanese of the affected zone will soon go back to their regular activities. The government keeps changing the legal 'acceptable' thresholds. A lie told enough times becomes the truth... for most people.

high mercury and now one wud think high radiation.  not only large fish are eaten here tho, a lot of chirimen jako is eaten and all supermarkets sell sardines up, ha ha. i loved yer reference to smoking, im still smmokin.

Since a tsunami and earthquake destroyed the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant last March, radioactive cesium has consistently been found in 60 to 80 per cent of Japanese fishing catches each month tested by Japan's Fisheries Agency.

In November, 65 per cent of the catches tested positive for cesium (a radioactive material created by nuclear reactors), according to a Gazette analysis of data on the fisheries agency's website.

...the Japanese data shows elevated levels of contamination in several seafood species that Japan has exported to Canada in recent years.

In November, 18 per cent of cod exceeded a new radiation ceiling for food to be implemented in Japan in April - along with 21 per cent of eel, 22 per cent of sole and 33 per cent of seaweed.

Overall, one in five of the 1,100 catches tested in November exceeded the new ceiling of 100 becquerels per kilogram.

After Fukushima, fish tales

The article claims that seafood exported to Canada (and presumably other countries) likely contains detectable levels of radioactive cesium, and nobody seems to be monitoring it. While the levels are small, cesium incorporates into the body and stays radioactive for years.

Always a new complication. *groan*

Navrotsky and others have since discovered a new way in which seawater can corrode nuclear fuel, forming uranium compounds that could potentially travel long distances, either in solution or as very small particles.

How Seawater Could Corrode Nuclear Fuel

Allegations surface of crime syndicate involvement in recruiting workers for damaged reactors.

Kyushu men sent to Fukushima nuke plant under falsified labor deals

... a seven-layer outsourcing pyramid, with only the top-tier firm receiving orders directly from plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co.

alegations?  these are facts. the workers only stay there for three months, then they may be reasigned to another nuclear facility or they may be "released" if the radiation they show is too high.

Nagasaki Prefecture is on the island of Kyushu.  


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